Pine Lodge Fire Evening Update June 21, 2019

Detected:  June 19, 2019, approximately 2:00 p.m.    Cause:  Unknown, under Investigation    Containment: 0%   Location:  Off highway 246 about 4 miles up FS road 130 near Boy Scout Mountain Fuel Type:  Grass and Pinon/Juniper, mixed conifer

Current Size: approximately 2500 Acres

Summary: Fire growth to the Northeast increased due to a combination of factors such as difficult terrain, availability of fuels, and high afternoon winds. Increased temperatures and single digit relative humidity has also contributed to the advancement of the fire. The fire is burning in pinon/juniper brush, and stringers of Ponderosa pines. Adding to the fuel load is the abundance of dead and down fuel from the Peppin Fire in 2004. Today, the firefighters have been unsuccessful with their fire suppression tactics. They have concentrated efforts on point protection of values at risk and scouted for indirect opportunities. Air support was grounded today, due to high winds. Control efforts have further been hampered by short range spotting.

One additional cabin was verified as lost. Because of the fire growth to the East, 15 structures have been added as threatened. These homes are located in the town of Arabella.

A Type II Incident Management Team has been ordered and will begin shadowing the Pecos Team in order to learn strategies and tactics that have been in place. They will transition with the Pecos Type III Team, Sunday, June 23.

With the increase in smoke and a highly visible plume, additional information will be circulated throughout Roswell and Capitan.

Weather:  Weather is expected to be similar thru tomorrow. Cooler temperatures, lower winds are projected by Sunday. Without any precipitation in the forecast, the area will remain dry.

Evacuations: At this time, there have been 2 evacuations of homes close to the fire perimeter.

Firefighting Resources: As the incident progresses and changes, additional resources are arriving. Fire crews will begin night patrols.

Closures:  The Fire has not crossed highway 246, but, because of smoke impacts, it has been closed from Capitan to Roswell. Home owners will be allowed in, “case by case”.  Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

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