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Where We Live, How We Live…Living with Wildfire

Posted March 27, 2016 By High Country Posts

Southwest Wildfire Awareness Week      March 27 – April 2, 2016

swfireThe focus of the week is to increase awareness and to promote actions that reduce the risk from wildfire to homes and communities.  

The Lincoln National Forest will be sharing helpful links throughout the week (starting March 27), via email and twitter…stay tuned!  Read the remainder of this entry »

Notes From the Bird House – Last One

Posted June 12, 2013 By The Bird House

To all our customers and to my High Country Post followers:
As of August 3, I will no longer be working at The Bird House. The time has come for some awesome changes in all three of our lives. Kazumi and Chris will still be here and ready to help you all. I will still be around too just up one store in the mall at the Clouldcroft Hotel and Gift Shop. Make sure you stop in to say hey on your way to the Bird House I would love to see ya. Read the remainder of this entry »

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Notes from the Birdhouse – Myrtle May Long, Long Gone

Posted May 7, 2013 By The Bird House

Oh the memories, the memories.  Myrtle May homely and white… what a gal.  She was always there for me.  If ever I had a spontaneous thought, she was right there to encourage me to go for it.  She was more than willing to ride out the storms that came and went.  She was there when I would break out in uncontrollable laughter.  She was there for me to lean on, to cry on.  When I found myself missing my grands she took me to see them.  She took me to take care of my son while he was in cancer treatment.  She carried me to my dad’s funeral.  She absolutely loved to go camping.  She was hardy and robust; she could pull a hill that made most men shiver.  I loved Myrtle May. Read the remainder of this entry »

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Notes from the Birdhouse – Just Punch It!

Posted April 23, 2013 By The Bird House

Okay are we getting warm yet?  Here is a photo I took from my front porch.

This photo was taken a couple of winters ago.  That year we had around 154 inches of snow, or so we’ve been told.  I hate snow but I have to admit it was an awesome winter, everywhere you looked was clean and white.  This was also before my employment with the Bird House so I was helping Hub deliver mail.  Unfortunately, no amount of snow can stop the mail. We bundled up and left for work.  It was not long before we pulled up to a set of mailbox units.  I jumped out and put the mail into the respective boxes,  jumped back in the warm truck and made a comment about how pretty this area was.  Before I could catch the words that lead to this hair raising day,  I asked, “What is up there?”  He says, “Let me show you.”  Hub is always excited to show me different places around where he grew up.  He shot me a kooky smile, and we were off. Read the remainder of this entry »

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Notes from the Birdhouse – Pay Phone

Posted April 1, 2013 By The Bird House

Last night daughter and I were coming home from a day of shopping and dinner.  On the way up the mountain we were listening to the Top 20.  The song “Pay Phone”  came on the radio. I asked her, why in the world would they call it that? Kids nowadays have no idea what a pay phone is. We then started talking about how different the world was back when I was a kid.  It was a few minutes later when Stella asked, how in the world did y’all remember all those telephone numbers? Read the remainder of this entry »

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Here is a little shorty that touched my heart.

As most of you know, I love geocaching.  Most of my stories are from the experiences that I have gotten from this game.  Never heard of this game?  Then check it out at   Not only do I enjoy finding little caches, I also enjoy hiding them and this is where this story begins. Read the remainder of this entry »

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