SHADY PINES Fairy Garden Soon to be Famous!

The cover of the April issue New Mexico Magazine will feature Oboist Kendra Johnson’s daughter Mia and her bestie Grace Housler (daughter of Shanny, director of the Cloudcroft Preschool), enjoying the trail by the Hosta bed.
Just WOW!!
We understand that “Cloudcroft Greenery” feature will be all about Shady Pines fairy garden. 

Thanks to our friend Ann Spier who suggested our garden to the magazine. 

We hope folks will come by to see with their pockets full of donations for the Cloudcroft Schools music programs and ears ready to hear Shady Pines Chamber Players’ magical notes as they drift out.

DONATIONS WELCOME: Shady Pines Chamber Players, P.O. Box 998, Rockport, TX 78381
(until May when you can send to SPCP, P.O. Box 1115, Cloudcroft 88317).