Forest Service Visitor Map Price to Increase January 1st

Alamogordo, Cloudcroft, Ruidoso, Carlsbad, NM – December 18, 2017 All USDA Forest Service visitor maps will increase in price from $10 to $14 effective Monday, January 1, 2018. 

Rising costs of production, printing, and distribution have driven the need for the price increase of the paper and plastic-coated visitor maps, the first such increase in almost a decade.  The agency continually updates its maps, seeking to enhance them as well.  The Forest Service also expects to shorten the revision cycle as its cartographers continue applying new digital technology to the map revision process. 

 The agency is also working to increase the availability of digital maps, which cost $4.99 per side.  Digital maps for mobile applications can be downloaded at:

 As always, forest visitor maps are available for sale at those Forest Service offices in Arizona and New Mexico that currently sell them. 

 Volume purchases are available from the National Forest Map Store (NFMS) and can be ordered: 

 To help offset the price increase for volume sales, discount pricing will now be available to all customers starting January 1.  Discounted maps are only available when purchased through the NFMS.

 Additional online resources include: