Notification of Decision – Hornbuckle Salvage Project

ALAMOGORDO, CLOUDCROFT, NM, August 1, 2017 – The Sacramento Ranger District of the Lincoln National Forest has completed the analysis and a decision has been reached for the Hornbuckle Salvage Project. The project area covers approximately 14 acres of National Forest System land within Hornbuckle Canyon in Otero County, New Mexico (Figure 1). The project area is approximately 0.6 miles west of the Sacramento River Road, directly on the south side of Forest Road 90 (Westside Rd.) and is located in Township 18 South, Range 11 East, Section 25; and Township 18 South, Range 12 East, Section 30.

In early 2016, there was a significant wind event that caused a considerable amount of blowdown (trees that fall due to wind) forest-wide. This event created a blowdown area of approximately 14 acres of dry mixed conifer and ponderosa pine in Hornbuckle Canyon. The purpose of the proposal is to improve safety, reduce the spread of insect and disease, reduce fuel loads, and provide quality saw logs. The decision is to implement the proposed action to salvage the dead and downed trees from the Hornbuckle Canyon project area. Once the merchantable timber has been removed by commercial harvesters, anything below 9-inches in diameter may be left in piles on the site, at which time the sale area may be opened to fuelwood collectors for a limited amount of time. Mitigation measures for the protection of resources will be implemented and all federal regulations will be followed.

The project documents, including the decision memo, are available online on the project website at:

For more information about the project or to request a hard copy of the decision memo, please contact Ciara Cusack, NEPA Planner, at 575-682-2551, or at, or visit the above website.  For more information about the Lincoln National Forest, please visit follow us on Twitter: