Collaborative Forest Restoration Program Workshops

LNFThe Collaborative Forest Restoration Program – or CFRP- is a Federal Grant created to fund projects that reduce the risk of high severity fire and add value to small diameter wood.

CFRP is designed to allow community to propose projects that can be implemented on public lands.  These projects can fall into one of three categories: Planning, Utilization, or Implementation.

Workshops will be held to assist interested parties in navigating the application process.  The first workshop will be held at the Carlsbad Public Library on December 5th, 1-3 pm.  On December 6th, the final two workshops will be held, one from 9am-11am at the Sacramento Ranger Station in Cloudcroft, and one from 1 pm-3 pm at the Fire Ops building of the Smokey Bear Ranger Station in Ruidoso.  This will be a good opportunity to ask questions and network with other applicants.  These workshops are free and open to everyone!

2013 Cloudcroft workshop