FOLLOW ME TO THE SENIOR CENTER – Girls, Girls, Girls ~ Part 2

By Carl and Jo Ann Hauser
I’m a little late getting my article done this month. I thought I could write it on the way to Indianapolis to visit grandkids. However, I couldn’t tell my wife how to drive and write at the same time. While we were in Indiana, we got to watch two of our grandsons play soccer. Even though I know practically nothing about soccer, it didn’t stop me from giving them advice from the sidelines. During the first ten minutes of the game all the boys were chasing the ball up and down the field like a herd of turtles. Once they got tired, they all started listening to their coach and playing their positions. Dare I say, “Boys will be boys!”

Let’s get back to the topic at hand. If you remember last month, I found myself at my granddaughter’s softball game with the rest of our family. My son was coaching third; the girls kept running through his stop sign, and getting thrown out by a really good catcher. I made the off the cuff comment that they were just being girls, and got in trouble with my daughter-in-law. So, the question is, “Were they just being kids who happened to be girls, or were they acting like girls?”

Let’s do the pros and cons. We can blame the expensive outfits and backpacks on the parents. When it comes to playing the actual game, boys, when they strike out, are on the verge of tears, hanging their heads, and kicking up some dust as they walk back to the dugout. I observe that the girls were more apt to check to see if they broke a nail after swinging through a pitch. On the other hand in the softball game four times ‘runner interference’ was called on the base runners; the girls kept colliding with the poor shortstop on ground balls. The rule is: you can’t run in front of an infielder on a ground ball hit to them, but you can run behind the infielder. On one particular play the other coach thought ‘runner interference’ should have been called, so he refused to go back into the dugout, leaving one foot over the line. Meanwhile our coach (not my son) was telling the girl trying to bat that she didn’t have to step into the batter’s box until the other coach was entirely in the dugout. The umpire just had a look on his face like, ‘seriously, guys?’ The ump was ready to put both the coaches in a time-out. Boys will be boys? However, to both coaches credit, I never heard a coach on either team raise his voice to one girl, even after five of them ran through stop signs. Nobody yells at Daddy’s little girl. A boy would have been drop-kicked back to the dugout and benched for a while.

Finally, one of the girls hit a line-drive with the bases loaded to left field that one-hopped the fence. The girls all thought it was a grand slam. The little girl trotted around the bases, hands in the air, and her entire team greeted her at the plate screaming. It was like they had just won the World Series; similar to a scene out of ABC sports: the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. They were about to carry her off the field, when the ump said, “Ground rule double; go back to second.”
So let’s review what we’ve learned. 1) Coaches occasionally have childish tantrums. 2) Maybe the girls act like kids, but the coaches treat them like girls. 3) Sometimes girls act like girls. 4) Sometimes girls play rougher than boys. 5) I’m still a male chauvinist! 6) Jo Ann stopped shaving her legs fifteen years ago. (I know it has nothing to do with the story) 7) Dads treat their little girls like princesses. In conclusion . . . I still don’t know the answer. Have a nice day!

If you really want to have a nice day, go to the Senior Center. The staff is all girls. They don’t wear fancy uniforms, but I have no doubt if they were playing softball, they would run you down in the base paths, too! However, the rest of the time they are really sweet! Check out our website, created by one of our head coaches Marty Ware, at Remember to call in your reservation for a terrific dugout lunch, Monday through Friday from 11:30 to 12:15. We have homerun activities such as movies in Alamogordo, trips to the Casino, van rides to Alamogordo for shopping including lunch out, playing Farkle, Mexican Train, Bridge, and exercising with Gail. May the Holy Spirit guide you through your day, and God bless you in every way.

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