Snow Drops Fire Danger to LOW on Guadalupe Ranger District

CARLSBAD, NM – January 08, 2013 – Widespread snowfall covered much of southern New Mexico, including the Guadalupe Mountains west of Carlsbad. “The moisture brought on by the snow event was a welcome change,” said Art Arias, Fire Management Officer for the Lincoln National Forest’s Guadalupe Ranger District. “Snow stretched from the mountains to the plains and across the foothills of Eddy County last week. We’ve had reports of 6-8 inches in the higher elevations and 3 -5 inches in the low country,” Arias added. 

The increased moisture is a factor in determining the current fire danger rating for the area, which now stands at LOW.  Having a LOW fire danger generally means fuels will not ignite readily and if a fire does start, it spreads slowly by creeping or smoldering, with little danger of spotting.

As daytime temperatures increase and winds pick up, the fire danger will increase. Fire officials would like to remind everyone to follow some simple tips to help minimize wildfire risks:

  • Make sure campfires are dead out!
  • Spark arrestors are required on chainsaws and off-road vehicles.
  • Don’t park vehicles on dry grass.
  • If you smoke, do so in areas that clear of vegetation and don’t toss cigarettes out.
  • Don’t burn on windy days!
  • Remember, it’s illegal to possess or use fireworks on public lands.

 For more information about the Lincoln National Forest, please call 575-434-7200, Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. You can also find us at and follow us on Twitter at

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