70th Wedding Anniversary

Extraordinary things are rare, and when they come along they should be celebrated. One of the rarest things of all, especially in today’s world, are people who have been married all their lives. And when that marriage has lasted 70 years? Well, I think it deserves a standing ovation! Cloudcroft is blessed to have one such couple living in this tiny village- Randy and Gloria Kimble. Randy and Gloria were married twice, once in a civil ceremony on December 13th, 1942, after which Gloria stayed home with her parents, then again in a church ceremony on December 14th, 1942, after which she went to be with her new husband. This was not too long after a 21-year-old army private was stationed in Cuba. On this strange and exotic island (long before they were our cold-war enemies), this young private met a lovely young 18-year-old Cuban girl who kept riding her horse by him so she would be noticed. He did notice her, of course, and told her the girt on her saddle was loose and he needed to tighten it. This, of course, wasn’t true, but it gave them an opportunity to talk to each other. Her parents promptly sent her to a convent to be schooled and to keep their daughter away from that crazy American boy! This, as time would tell, didn’t work. Randy kept being a handsome American soldier pining for his beauty and Gloria kept being a beautiful Cuban Rapunzel locked http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/weight-loss/ away from her cutie-patootie. Gloria’s mom asked a cousin in the Secret Service of Cuba to check with the FBI in the States and do a full background check- Randy came back wild, but with no criminal history and no undisclosed wives. So Gloria’s mother went to fetch her daughter back from the convent. Gloria was then allowed to see the American soldier. Randy and Gloria were engaged shortly thereafter and married 8 months after they met in Vedado, Cuba in the presence of all of her sobbing family. When Randy came back stateside he brought his lovely new wife with him and they started a very happy, long-enduring family that includes 2 children, 4 grandchildren, and 6 ½ great grandchildren (one is ready to be born). Today, Randy is 92, still wears his uniform on Veteran’s Day (and it still fits!), and is still happily married to his lovely wife. Gloria is 88, plays bridge every Tuesday and Thursday at the Senior Center, just finished remodeling a closet and getting new carpet in her house, and is still happily married to the man she met as a girl. On December 14th, they will celebrate their 70th Wedding Anniversary. All their kids, grandkids, and friends will be celebrating right along with them. And whenever you see them around the village, or in church, or at the senior center- just remember you are in the presence of greatness of the best sort, the triumph of human spirit.
Marrianne White

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