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The Sacramento District Review – December 2012

Posted November 27, 2012 By High Country Posts

In this Month’s Issue:
A Look Back at the Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree Sales
Kids Corner
The Ranger’s Report

The Sacramento District Review is a monthly newsletter prepared by the Sacramento Ranger District of the Lincoln National Forest.
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Follow Me to the Senior Center The End of the World Part II

Posted November 27, 2012 By Mountain Seniors

By Carl and Jo Ann Hauser
If you’re not a Bible scholar, and you’re wondering when Part I was, think lots and lots of water, arks, and rainbows. If you’re conservative, you might have thought Part II was when Obama was elected in 2008. However, if you haven’t heard, according to the Mayans, Nostradamus, and some other ancient sources, the world as we know it will end on or about December 21st this year. Being a Christian, I’m not a believer of this particular end time prediction, and there may be logical explanations for this forecast by these wannabee ancient psychics. For example, it could be the Mayans simply didn’t have time to finish their calendar. After all, they had been invaded by Aztecs, who were into human sacrifice. Read the remainder of this entry »

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Notes from the Birdhouse – Holy Toledo Don’t Move

Posted November 24, 2012 By The Bird House

If you follow me, you know that I have a few dogs.  Mutt is the biggest of all three and the biggest chicken of them all.  This scaredy cat syndrome she has leads to a lot of uncontrolled barking.  My neighbors hate it and so do we.  My husband had threatened for years to buy one of those shocking dog collars for barking, but I forbade it.  All I could imagine was the ‘youtube’ video where the dude had the collar on and he barked.  Each time he barked louder and each time he was shocked with more intensity.   The poor guy was crying uncontrollable by the time he got it off.  NO WAY WAS THAT HAPPENING TO MY BABY GIRL. PERIOD. Read the remainder of this entry »

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70th Wedding Anniversary

Posted November 23, 2012 By Mountain Seniors

Extraordinary things are rare, and when they come along they should be celebrated. One of the rarest things of all, especially in today’s world, are people who have been married all their lives. And when that marriage has lasted 70 years? Well, I think it deserves a standing ovation! Cloudcroft is blessed to have one such couple living in this tiny village- Randy and Gloria Kimble. Randy and Gloria were married twice, once in a civil ceremony on December 13th, 1942, after which Gloria stayed home with her parents, then again in a church ceremony on December 14th, 1942, after which she went to be with her new husband. This was not too long after a 21-year-old army private was stationed in Cuba. On this strange and exotic island (long before they were our cold-war enemies), this young private met a lovely young 18-year-old Cuban girl who kept riding her horse by him so she would be noticed. Read the remainder of this entry »

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New Mexico Fishing Report

Posted November 20, 2012 By High Country Posts

Updated Nov. 20, 2012 This fishing report, provided by Bill Dunn and the Department of Game and Fish, has been generated from the best information available from area officers and anglers. Conditions encountered after the report is compiled may differ, as stream, lake and weather conditions alter fish and angler activities. Read the remainder of this entry »

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Akers Prescribed Fire – UPDATE 11/13/12 9:00 PM

Posted November 14, 2012 By High Country Posts

Smoke Visible from WeedFirefighters were successful in treating 30 acres with prescribed fire today. Plans are to continue with prescribed fire activities on Wednesday (11/14/12). It is expected that fuel and weather conditions will be favorable. Data will be collected in the morning, followed by a test burn. If all conditions fall within the parameters identified in the burn plan, ignitions on the project will resume.
Check for the latest Akers Prescribed Fire updates.

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