Follow Me to the Senior Center Oh, Randy

By Carl and Jo Ann Hauser
I was lying in bed awake at about two in the morning, listening to my dog and wife snore in unison, so I decided to contemplate the heavy issue of love and marriage. The first question is, “How do you find love?” Ladies, a stud finder is not one of your girlfriends, it’s something you find at the hardware store. And, men, a chick magnet is something you stick on your refrigerator, because Elvis is gone and Paul McCartney and the rest of us are just plain old. So, how do you find true and lasting love?

Well, the first thing you have to realize, if you are a guy, is women make eighty percent of the decisions. Don’t ask a girl out who hasn’t at least flirted with you once. When I first started high school, I was barely five feet tall, weighed one hundred pounds, and looked like I was twelve. Not to mention I was extremely shy, and not sure what flirting looked like! So, there are advantages to getting older. Dating doesn’t get easier, but the answers are usually more obvious. Jo Ann and I met at a bowling alley. The only time I’ve seen her quiet and reserved was the week we were bowling against each other. Now, I’m sure it was obvious I was attracted to her, but after a couple of days she must have thought I was a total idiot when it came to dating, so she called me, and before the week was out, she showed up at my house. Now, these days some might call that stalking; I call it persistent enthusiasm from a beautiful woman! Now, if I hadn’t been very attracted to her, or had I treated her poorly, she would have dumped me and moved on. But, I thank God for women who aren’t so shy, or I’d still be living alone in my condo back in Kansas. We have now been married for almost thirty years. The one thing I’ve learned is that the real definition of true love is overwhelming love! If you always put your wife’s or husband’s needs before your own, if you are always caring, always ready to forgive for those bad days we all have, you will be giving and receiving overwhelming love.

Next month, I believe on December 14, two of our Seniors will be celebrating their wedding anniversary. Randy and Gloria Kimble will have been married for seventy years! So I decided to do another Larry Barker style investigation into how two people could put up with each other for so long. Seventy years is like overwhelming love, times ten!
Their story starts in early 1942, when Randy and his paratrooper buddies landed in Cuba. I’m guessing the US was worried about Nazi Germany or the Japanese securing a foothold on the island. So Randy and his unit were sent there to protect and serve. Apparently their arrival did not go unnoticed, and some of the local girls came by their post to check out the Americans, one of whom was a beautiful eighteen-year-old girl named Gloria. Now, if you believe Randy’s version, he was standing guard duty one day, and Gloria kept riding her horse by him. Maybe it was like having guard duty at Buckingham Palace, where the tourists try to make the guards crack a smile. I’m guessing Randy blinked, winked, and smiled. The courtship was on! Gloria and Randy enjoyed their first date at an elite nightclub in Havana. To Randy’s surprise, their first date in Cuba was accompanied by about a dozen of Gloria’s family and friends. Several months later they were married, and he whisked her off the Island of Cuba and back to the states to begin what has become their seventy-year journey. Together they raised kids and worked hard pursuing the American dream. After the war, Randy took a job in the oil fields, and later started his own business as a welder. Gloria managed that business and became a nurse. Sounds like a multi-tasking woman! Their marriage has been so enduring; it elevates the phrases “the two shall become one” and “for better or worse.”

In recent weeks I have spent some time visiting with Randy and Gloria. I kept hearing the phrase, “Oh, Randy,” spoken by Gloria with that sweet Cuban accent. After a while I figured out there must be at least four different meanings to the phrase, “Oh, Randy.” All based on a different inflection of the words. There’s the, “Oh, Randy” (I have a job for you); there’s the, “Oh, Randy” (what were you thinking); the “Oh, Randy” (you’re embarrassing me; like when he’s telling one of his stories); and I’m guessing there’s the “Ooooh, Randy” (for those romantic evenings. We love you Randy and Gloria! Congratulations on your seventy years of love for each other and your seventy years of marriage!
Okay, so let’s review what we’ve learned. Don’t ask a girl out who hasn’t flirted with you at least once. It’s all right to fall in love with your personal stalker (as long as she is not crazy!). If your woman’s not happy, you’re not happy. Guard duty can be dangerous. Overwhelming love is a good thing. And, only Gloria can say, “Oh, Randy.” (But she might let you ladies dance with Randy at the next Senior party!)

So, come on down to the Senior Center. Let our wonderful staff show you overwhelming love, especially on days when they serve chicken. You, too, can show your overwhelming love by continuing to donate to our Sacramento Assistance Program by remembering to put your change into the blue piggy banks in businesses around town, or deciding to pledge a monthly, quarterly or yearly gift to the Senior Center designated to the SAP program. Besides the Roadrunner Food assistance program, your SAP money goes to help people in crisis.

At the Senior Center you can get lunch for a suggested two-dollar donation; please call by 9:30 AM for a reservation. We play bridge on Tuesdays and Thursdays right after lunch. Our Seniors have been known to play Farkle, Mexican Train, and other games. Find some friends and have some fun! You can exercise on Tuesdays (with Gail) and Fridays at 10:00. Ride the van to Alamogordo on Mondays and Tuesdays for shopping and lunch out. Remember our Roadrunner Food Bank is in operation the first Wednesday of every month at 2:00. And do check out our fabulous website at, designed and maintained by Marty Ware. God bless you all with overwhelming love!

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