Notes from the Birdhouse – For the Love of Snow part II

The setting:  It is a little past noon, about two weeks later.

I met Hub at the garage door, which I had to manually open.  He smiles and calls out with the enthusiasm of a 9 year old, “What is wrong?” “Is the electricity out?” “Yes”, I said.

Here we go….. 

He walks into the garage as quick as knee high snow will let him. Husband immediately goes to the back porch. For a little while, I hear nothing, nothing at all then the door swings open.  There he stands with “the answers to all our problems”, he proudly announces. I swear there were beams of light projecting from somewhere in the background. He looked bigger than life right then. Maybe it’s the way he was holding himself chest out, head up, and chin straight or it could have been the sunlight behind him. In any case, he was proudly holding a key and a little orange box attached to this long cord which had been pulled in through the doggie door. (Dogs were looking a little suspicious at him) He sits it up on the kitchen island and with great satisfaction he inserts the key and gives it a turn. This thing has a key to start it remotely!! I might need to get Hub to teach me how to use it. It starts up pretty as you please. Husband smiles. Scurry, scurry all over the place pulling extension cord from everywhere. He starts plugging in the electronics. (notice his level of priority)

TV – check,

Internet, router, and computers – check,

Refrigerator – check,

By the way, he listens this time to make sure it is really off then turns and looks at me. I am standing there, apparently and without my knowledge, with a huge sheepish grin on my face. I’m taking it all in. I don’t want to miss a thing. In my mind, I’m writing this story as we go. He gets this serious look on his face and tells me I can not write about any of this. People in town are waving at him that he doesn’t even know.  He attributes the friendly nature of folks to my FB notes. Boy, he sure does give me a lot of credit.

I open the refrigerator door and NOTHING! It was not working.  “It’s NOT WORKING” he asked with disbelief and a slight panic in his voice. “I told you we should have tested this thing out before we really needed it!” Hub shouts. Unbelievably, he is directing that shout out at me. Hmmm, it could be because I told him I did not want to fool with all the cords and the hassle of moving things here and there when he first got it. It could be because I told him just to leave it until we really needed it, but who really knows why he would take such a tone with me? -grin-

TV – not working, internet and router not working. What the……? With a bewildered look on his face, heels dug in and tongue stuck out his mouth, for concentration, he sets to work on the problem. In and out of the house then a few minutes later, da, da, dah, everything is working. He calls me into the kitchen to receive a general lesson. “You have to make sure all the plugs are in tight”, he tell me. “And see this one, this one you have to turn it a half a turn to the right.” (Big Grin) He is really trying very hard to not show how exhilarated he is. He’s convinced I am going to write about this anyway. He’d be right.

A little bit later we are sitting in the living room. Hub is feeling quite pleased with himself. I look back quite pleased with him too.  Then he looks at me, I could see the excitement building.

Oh gosh now what?

 He asked, “Do you think I should go plow the drive now?” All the while, the snow is being poured out of the sky by the bucket loads.
Thus, is a day in the life of my snow happy husband deep in the Sacramento Mountains.

All kidding aside, I love it when he is happy. He is my hero.  Maybe this winter will bring him more snow and more good times.

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