Grand Opening of Cloudcroft’s Recycling Center!

Tues. Aug 7th @ 9:00 am will be the grand opening of Cloudcroft’s Recycling Center. Show your support! Bring your friends, neighbors, and your recycling! The recycling bins will be located on Swallow Pl. across from the High School Gym (behind the old Cook Shack).
In Cloudcroft, we are recycling 6 products. Plastic #1, plastic#2, tin cans, aluminum cans, all paper and magazines, and corrugated cardboard. Preparation includes taking lids off bottles/jugs, rinsing out everything so there is no food or drink residue, and flattening boxes. No waxed cardboard boxes please. Do not recycle anything with oil or toxic residue. The success of this program depends on us selling a CLEAN purchase nexium 40 mg product to our buyers. Taking lids off bottles helps make bails crush easier and get more in each bail. Our center will be in operation by Aug. 7th. Thanks for recycling!

The Cloudcroft Recycling Center will be part of the Rural Recycling Development project funded by a grant from the New Mexico Recycling Coalition. Rural Recycling Development uses the hub and spoke model, which works by creating regional recycling processing centers within larger communities that serve as “hubs” and encourages smaller communities or “spokes” to deliver their recyclables to these hubs. To learn more about the Rural Recycling Development project visit the Mew Mexico Recycling Coalition website at