Portions of Smokey Bear Ranger District to Reopen

Alamogordo, NM (June 21, 2012) –The southern portion of the Smokey Bear Ranger District closed during the Little Bear Fire is now open. The area south of the Ski Run Road and on both sides of Highway 70 from Ruidoso to the forest boundary near Glencoe is now open for use.  This includes areas known as Cedar Creek, Gavilan Ridge, Little Creek, Eagle Creek, Devil’s Canyon, and Hale Lake.

All access to the Bonito Recreation Corridor, including developed and dispersed campgrounds, hiking trails, and trailheads off  Forest Roads 107 and 108; all access off Highway 532 Ski Run Road, including Forest Road 117 to Monjeau Lookout, Forest Road 127A Eagle Creek, Oak Grove Campground, and Buck Mountain; and the Three Rivers Campground on the west side of the White Mountain Wilderness remain closed to protect the health and safety of firefighters, residents, and visitors.

If you have questions regarding specific locations, please contact the Smokey Bear Ranger District at 575-257-4095.