Governor Martinez Deploys National Guard to Little Bear Fire

SANTA FE – Governor Martinez ordered the National Guard to deploy 100 Guard soldiers and two Blackhawk helicopters to assist the local response to the Little Bear Fire in the Lincoln National Forest.

“I have asked the Guard to help local officials provide the security necessary to keep people around the area safe,” Governor Martinez said. “It is important that people remain ready to evacuate when asked and abide by the closures that are intended to keep people safe.”

In response to local requests, the Guard soldiers will provide security to evacuated areas and areas closed to the public in an effort to keep residents and visitors away from dangerous areas. One helicopter is available for medical evacuation purposes if needed while a second helicopter will remain on standby if additional air resources are needed for firefighting.

The Little Bear fire was lightning caused on June 4th and has already burned 10,000 acres and burned approximately 35 homes. A Type I Incident Management team from the U.S. Forest will take over the fire on Sunday.

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