Notes from the Birdhouse – EEEEEEKKK!

I love living up here on the mountain.  Sleeping in is no problem unless you habitually wake at 6:00 every morning.  That would be Hub, not me. I could sleep all day in the peace and quiet up here. However, I awake every morning at 6:40 sharp.  Not because I have an internal clock or I am as disciplined as Hub, no, it is because Hub sits on my feet every morning to put on his socks and shoes.  I can pull my knees to my chest and somehow he still finds a way to sit on them.  Anyway, this particular morning I welcomed the foot cruncher.  I had a full day of Geo Caching planned and I needed to get an early start.

With backpack in hand and my GPS, I was off for what I hoped to be a productive hunt.  I went to hwy 130.  There are a series of caches along that road and a few back in the woods.  My plan was to start at the farthest cache and work myself back home.  The first place I searched was cool and odd.  There was a big rock stuck out in a field.

It read:

Paso Por Aqui


I left empty-handed.  I never found the cache and I had no idea what the rock said and WHY it was there, right smack in the middle of nowhere.  I found the next 6 caches but on the seventh one, it sort of got a little scary.  I was about 10 minutes into the search when I stepped on this!!

Detached Deer Leg

I was shocked back into reality fast.  In other words, I freaked out! EEEEKKKKK.  While squealing, I hurriedly backed up and fell into this!

Deer Carcass!

As I was trying to get out of those creepy bones, I found part of its hide all rolled up and dirty but I did not get a picture of it because about that time approximately 50 deer came barreling through the forest straight at me! It all happened so fast.  One minute I am staring at what once was, the next minute I am staring at nostrils and hooves.  I had no time to run and it would not have done any good; for in that instant, my legs turned into jelly and my knees were toast.  Then, as I was peeling myself off the forest floor, I got a shot of adrenaline.  I heard cows (as in moo cows) screeching!!!   I had no control over what happened next.  I was off the ground and flying into the car’s open window.  Now, in my mind it was a scene right out of the Dukes of Hazard….a beautiful thing.  In reality, it was more like a walrus trying to squeeze through Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole.   I felt like a cork in a bottle.  When I finally wiggled loose enough to pull myself in, I turned to look at what they were yelling at.  Every single cow was standing there as if frozen stiff.  All 48, or so, eyes were watching me ……. and they were still screeching!!!  No really screeching, not mooing but screeching.  It was as if they were yelling at me to get the heck out of Dodge.  RUN WOMAN.   I left… quickly.

I know to many this may not sound too humorous or like a fun time but, on the drive home, in the safety of my car it was hilarious and SO MUCH FUN ?  Anytime ya’ll want to Geo Cache with me just give me a ring at the store.

ps. That big rock? It was a memorial to a man named John Mershon.  Read more about him here

WOW, who knew so much history could be in a field…. in the middle of NOWHERE.


The Bird House’s open house is still scheduled for June the 16th from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.

  Also, I have been approached by several people that would love to belong to a bird watching group up here on the mountain. They need a birder that is willing to guide a few folks on bird watching hikes this spring/summer.  I will be happy to organize it or at least have the store be home base where you can gather and share stories.

Until next time, keep your eye to the sky and watch out for screeching cows and flying walruses!








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