Notes from the Birdhouse – Hey Again!

I think spring has sprung in my head because I have come up with a few more stories to tell.  This one is about my bear.  Yes My bear better known to you as Hubs.  This post was inspired by a fellow blogger back a few weeks ago.  She was writing about how her bear/hub sleeps in crazy positions.  I laughed so hard at her post.  I had to thank her for my belly laugh of the day and decided to comment with my own bear’s sleeping habits.

My comment:


I sleep with a bear too; however, my bear sleeps straight. I sleep on a king size bed with my very, very furry bear but you would never know it. You see my bear is in search of real estate.

Prime Real Estate

My Real Estate

Every morning I have three dogs and a bear squished into a space about the size of one of those sample beds you see through the showcase windows at JC Penny. The kind that would make a 2-year-old seem huge.  I have tried to purchase my space back with a wall of pillows. And like yours, my bear snuggles them, then they are gone and he is back on my side. I tried a wall of critters. THAT DID NOT WORK. All four pushed me right out.

After year of enduring this way of sleeping, I have found the key to hanging on to my little bit of acreage.  I turn around in the bed. You see my bear does not like the smell of feet.

And with that story I must tell you about the most awesome shirts that we are now carrying.  They are advice from nature t-shirts.  This design and advice is on the front of the shirt.

*Live large*

*Climb beyond your limitations*

*When life gets hairy, grin and bear it*

*Eat well*

*Live with the seasons*

*Take a good, long nap*

*Look after your honey!*

I love these tees and I just know you will too.  A perfect gift for sure.

Until next time, keep your head up, eyes to the skies and Look after your honey! Hey, don’t forget to stop in our new location at the Cloudcroft Mall right beside the gift shop.


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