New Mexico Fishing Report

Updated 1/31/2012 This fishing report, provided by the Department of Game and Fish, has been generated from the best information available from area officers, anglers, guides and local businesses. Conditions may vary as stream, lake and weather conditions alter fish and angler activities.


Charette Lakes – The lake has closed for the season and will reopen March 1.

Clayton Lake – Closed until noon March 1.

Conchas Lake –Fishing pressure has been light due to cold temperatures and wind.

Costilla Creek – No report.

Coyote Creek – Closed for the winter.

Eagle Nest Lake – 17 inches of ice. Fishing is good for yellow perch and rainbows caught with power bait, meal worms and night crawlers. Fishing pressure is up due to nice weather and no wind.

Lake Alice and Lake Maloya – Ice is 10-14 inches thick at Lake Maloya. Power Bait, dough bait and salmon eggs have been catching 6- to 13-inch rainbow trout. Fishing is poor at Lake Alice due to thin ice and the lake has not been stocked.

Maxwell Lakes – Closed until noon March 1.

Monastery Lake: Closed to ice fishing.

Morphy Lake – Closed until April 1.

Pecos River – Portions of the upper river have some open water but fishing is still slow due to low, cold water levels. Villanueva was stocked Jan. 24 and fishing has been good with salmon eggs and spinners.

Red River – Fishing has been slow below the hatchery but some 10- to 14-inch brown trout have been caught on bead-head nymphs and San Juan worms.

Rio Grande – 446 cfs at Embudo; Fishing is slow for pike due to high fishing pressure and clear water. Best to try using bunny leeches. Trout is slow using midges and bead head nymphs.

Rio Hondo – No report.

Rio Pueblo –No report.

Shuree Ponds – Closed until July 1.

Springer Lake – Closed to ice fishing.

Storrie Lake – No report.

Ute Lake – The water temperature is 42 degrees. White Bass are moving up river and some catfish are being caught at 15-20 feet. Fishing has been slow but the weather has been warm and no wind.


Animas River – Fishing has been slow.

Chama River – Fishing close to the Rutheron bridge is slow with a few rainbow trout being caught using gold salamander lures and Panther Martins. The river below El Vado dam has been good with anglers catching 17- to 18 -inch brown trout using worms and Panther Martins. Fishing the river below Abiquiu Lake has been fair to good with most trout being caught on green wooly buggers and size 24 midge patterns.

Abiquiu Lake –Fishing is slow for all species. A few bass have been caught on live minnows.

El Vado Lake – The main campground is closed and most of the shoreline is frozen over, making it tough to fish. The ice is too thin for ice fishing.

Heron Lake – Fishing is slow, with some anglers having luck catching rainbow and lake trout with yellow and orange Power Bait from the shore at La Jara and Willow Creek boat ramps.

Jackson Lake – Fishing is very slow.

Lake Farmington – Trout fishing is slow and pressure has been light.

Ramah Lake – The lake has very little water and is frozen in most places. No anglers to report.

Navajo Lake – Fishing is slow.

San Juan River – The quality water section is starting to clear up and the fishing has been really good with most anglers reporting best luck on standard nymph patterns in sizes 24 and 26. The lower section of the river is fishing well with lighter colored egg patterns and large pheasant tail nymphs.

West-Central, including the Jemez Mountains

Jemez River, East Fork, Guadalupe and San Antonio – Most of the streams in the Jemez are frozen and covered with snow. Fishing the accessible portions of these streams in the lower portions of the Jemez is reported slow due to the lack of fishermen and cold weather.

Metro Drainages – Fishing is fair to good with most anglers catching at least two or three fish. Green and yellow Power Bait and spinners are working right now.

Bluewater Lake – Ice fishing on the Prewitt side for muskies and trout is good using plastic lures for muskies and salmon eggs for trout.

Cochiti Lake – Fishing is still slow due to the ice that is forming around the lake. Boats are still unable to launch due to the ice and the Tetilla Peak side will remain closed for the season.

Fenton Lake – The lake is iced over and there is no ice fishing due to unsafe conditions caused by warm thermal releases under the ice. The lake most likely will be closed until spring.

Tingley Beach – Fishing is good with most anglers catching trout on garlic Power Bait and spinners.


Gila River – Fishing pressure is very light.

Rio Grande – Fishing has been fair between Elephant Butte and Caballo for stocked triploid rainbow trout. Anglers report that a few white bass were caught on nightcrawlers and plastics below Caballo. A few walleye were also reported being caught.

Bear Canyon Lake – Fishing for trout is fair with bright-colored Power Bait. Other species are slow.

Bill Evans Lake – Fishing for trout is reported as good with bright-colored Power Bait, fireballs, spinners and flies all working well. 1,500 triploid rainbow trout were stocked last week so fishing should remain good. No reports on other species.

Caballo Lake – Water levels are very low and caution should be used if boating. Very light fishing pressure and no report of success.

Elephant Butte Lake – No report.

Escondida Lake – Fishing for rainbow trout is fair with most methods catching an occasional fish. A few nice-sized catfish were also caught.

Glenwood Ponds – Fishing is reported as good for trout. Bright-colored Power Bait is working best.

Lake Roberts – Trout fishing is reported as slow with Power Bait.

Quemado Lake – No report.

Snow Lake — Roads to Snow Lake are impassible.


Rio Ruidoso – Fishing should improve with stocking of 625 rainbow trout last week.

Bonito Lake –The lake is closed for the season and will reopen April 1.

Bottomless Lakes: No report.

Brantley Reservoir – There has been light pressure and no current report. A mandatory catch and release is in place at Brantley Lake because pesticides have been found in the fish. Do not keep or eat them.

Chaparral Park Lake – The winter trout lake in Lovington was stocked with 456 rainbow trout last week.

Green Meadow Lake – The winter trout lake near Hobbs was stocked with 900 rainbow trout last week.

Green Acres Lake – The winter trout water in Clovis is the place to be. It was stocked with 824 rainbow trout last week.

Harry McAdams Park Pond – The winter trout water between Hobbs and Lovington was stocked with 99 trout last week.

Jal Lake – Stocked with 408 rainbow trout last week.

Ned Houk Ponds – The winter trout waters north of Clovis were stocked with 539 trout last week.

Grindstone Reservoir – No report, but fishing should be good as it was stocked with 4,872 9-inch rainbow trout recently. Try worms, Power Bait and Pistol Petes.

Lake Van – Fishing is good on Power Bait and salmon eggs. The lake was stocked with 3,027 trout two weeks ago.

Oasis State Park Lake – Trout fishing is good on a variety of baits. The late was stocked with 827 trout last week.

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