Cloudcroft Summer Art Workshops

In keeping with a long tradition of bringing excellent art instruction  to the Sacramento Mountains, the Cloudcroft Art Workshops, LLC has  just announced its newest roster of artists and the dates they will hold  5-day workshops in Cloudcroft, NM.  The offerings this year bring back some familiar faces as well as introducing other artists and their followers to this delightful and refreshing mountain community.

Workshops are held in the Old Red Brick Schoolhouse on Mondays through Fridays from 9 AM until 4 PM.   A brochure listing all the classes is now available in several businesses around the Cloudcroft/Otero and Lincoln County areas.  For more information about the program, including registration, visit the CAW website at or e-mail directly  To speak to a member of the board, call Linda Shiplett at 575-687-2137.  Additionally, most of the featured artists have their own websites where pictures of their work are available.

Dates and a brief description of each participating artist and class follow:

June 11-15: David Barranti, Motivational Drawing. This class is open to students of all levels and will focus on learning to see as an artist and freely express a uniquely creative vision through the media of pencil, markers and charcoal. Gain confidence and be able to proclaim, “I am an artist!”

June 18-22: Pat Dews, Mixed Media. This workshop will be jam-packed with information on working with watercolor, acrylics, inks, and all sorts of collage media. Expect a whole new outlook on painting while creating textures, using collage and learning design.

June 25-29: Jo Beth Gilliam, Watercolor. Using photographs, students will create paintings with transparent washes for still life and add excitement with rich shadows in landscapes. See how bright, splashy expressions can enliven and exceed the limitations of the camera.

July 9-13: Alan Flattmann, Pastel/ Oil. This workshop offers a terrific opportunity to study with one of the Pastel Society of America’s master pastelists and a hall of fame honoree. Students will reap the benefits of Alan’s 40 years of professional experience and his unique way of seeing. His focus is on landscapes and cityscapes but portraiture and figure drawing are also part of his repertoire.

July 9-13: Jan Hart, Watercolor. This workshops focuses on painting life, both animals and people, and exploring new ways of painting skin, feathers, fur, fins, and scales. Jan will expose the secrets and concentrate on techniques like under-washing and finish glazing to really “pop” a painting.

July 16-20: Ken Hosmer, Watercolor. Students will practice Ken’s value sketch system as they learn how to lead a viewer’s eye through a painting. Using color, value, shapes and textures, students will learn to enhance the impact of paintings using information about pathways, alternating balance and gradations.

July 23-27: Cathy McAnally Lubke, Watercolor. This class will encourage students to play and experiment in water media. Demos modeling a different emphasis each day and plenty of painting time and individual attention will help students learn new ways with creative use of grounds and media.

July 30-August 3: Sterling Edwards, Watercolor. This class is for the intermediate to advanced student who wants to focus on being more creative in order to move a painting from being not only interesting but also to making a unique impression. This internationally renowned artist will show students how to paint watercolors that are bold, stylized, and which make a strong visual statement.

August 6-10: Caroline Jasper, Acrylic/ Oil. This class is designed to awaken the emotional power of color in paintings and to bring drama into a painting by manipulating perpective and lighting for dynamic depth. Students can expect to improve their visual perception and to take home a head full of color theory master concepts along with valuable studies and inspired paintings of their own.

August 13-17: Krystyna Robbins, Oil. Using knife and brush, students will learn to add richness, depth of life, vibrant color, and structure to their work. Students will benefit from both Krystyna’s experienced teaching and her extensive travel. Her generous sharing of a vast photo library will help them experience the world as they translate photographs to their unique visions on canvas.