Pink Day

src=”×150.jpg” alt=”” title=”pinkcure” width=”150″ height=”150″ class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-4981″ />-Just a reminder for our whole community!!! “Pink Day” is tomorrow, October 19th, so please wear your Passionately Pink for the Cure shirts and any pink accessories you’d like. The school’s “Pink Day” is tomorrow as well! The schools goal originally was $300.00 and they have raised about $450.00, GO BEARS, we are so proud of our teachers and our students!!! The community is answering the call to double or triple the schools goal and has raised about $800.00, GO CLOUDCROFT!!! What a great opportunity to help in the fight against Breast Cancer! We are sending prayers to those that have endured this illness and to those going through it right now and to those families helping in the fight! Hope for the Cure!!

The Cloudcroft Chamber of Commerce has a few more shirts left, call them at 575.682.2733 or Shelley Hughes at 575.682.2537 to get yours for tomorrow!

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