Follow Me to the Senior Center “Great Balls of Fire”

By Carl and Jo Ann Hauser
November is about Thanksgiving, and I do have a lot to be thankful for. I’ve almost gotten to the age where when I want to do a project, my mind says, “Go!” but my body says, “No!” But most of the time my body says, “Maybe, not now, or check with me later.” And I am thankful that occasionally the answer is still, “Yes.” I also am personally thankful that all my inlaws live in Michigan, that my dog can ‘hold it’ up to twelve hours if I’m gone all day, and that my wife has short-term memory!

Here in our beautiful Sacramento Mountains we do have reason to celebrate almost every weekend: Melodramas, LumberJack Days, Mardi Gras, Arts and Crafts Festivals, Apple Festival, Cherry Festival, the Cantata (can you say ‘tourist town?’) However, there may be one event that some of you are not aware of. Three or four times every summer you can look out your window at our beautiful night sky and see streaks of red, blue, yellow, and green balls of fire falling from the sky! And, no, it’s not a meteorite shower, it’s Night Golf at the Lodge!

For those of us who have homes overlooking the golf course, it is highly entertaining! These fearless golfers (many of whom are Seniors) bravely attempt the impossible. With each stroke of a club they light up the fairways, greens, sand traps, ponds, woods, and trees with these glowing balls of fire. Now I’m not a golfer, but I notice that they roam the golf course in packs of four, which they call a scramble. (I believe that is code for, “It takes all of us to make one good shot.”) With occasional shouts of joy, and groans from the agony of defeat, I actually overheard one guy say he played better at night . . . (Seriously?).

Now the night hazards are a little different. First you must lure the bears off the tees with cherry pies, make chip shots over the deer poop, and try to putt with the coyotes howling and an elk standing over the cup on the fifth hole. Meanwhile the raccoons are trying to steal those little glowing balls of fire that strayed into the woods. The final hazard is my wife yelling from our deck, “Nice shot, Bucket Head!” However, most of the golfers are Seniors and cannot hear too well. They just wave and smile back.

Yes, we do have a lot to be thankful here in Cloudcroft. Besides all the activities and entertainment, we have a wonderful Senior Center, operated entirely by women (go figure!), who we will fondly call The Elite Eight. Kathy, our director, has a true gift for fund raising. Marrianne, our financial manager, keeps the Center running smoothly, while balancing the books. Tammy, our head chef with her culinary expertise, keeps us Seniors coming back for more. Wendy can do anything and is often asked to do almost everything, cooking, driving, paperwork and more. Paula, who cheerfully toils away in High Rolls, just making people happy and filling their tummies. Robin, always smiling, delivers homebound meals when she is not helping out in the kitchen. Michele handles the housekeeping services provided by the Senior Center, while checking on the welfare of many of our Seniors. Susan, our van driver, provides transportation twice a week to Alamo for shopping excursions, and also to the Center for lunch and fellowship. We are thankful for all these ladies who serve our Seniors with compassion.

So, come on down and check out our Senior Center. Call our good time girls Kathy or Marrianne at 682-3022 for reservations or more information. Be sure to sign up for the Thanksgiving meal November 18th at the Senior Center. Look up our Web site, maintained by Marty Ware, at If you read last month’s article, and you want a Rex Rocks T-shirt, check with Wendy for availability and tell her we want our 10% cut. We suggest the Lodge make some I Survived Night Golf T-shirts, and again, we would be happy to take 10%.
We thank God for our little village and the people in it. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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