Return of the “Stump”

Visitors and the Great Cloudcroft Community,
I wanted to update everyone on “The Return of the Stump” (as Mayor Dave Venable has put it).  We are progressing full speed ahead as you have probably noticed the last couple of weeks.  The fire was such a tragedy to our community and to those that lost businesses and their livelihoods.  It has left a giant hole in Burro Ave. that needs rebuilding.  Of course we, Green Mountain Construction, Inc., were so excited to be a part of the re-building process when Dave, Chuck and Tim Venable approached us for the project; who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!!

February – June was full of lively design meetings and much excitement for “The Return of the Stump” and the other businesses that would now be up and running as soon as possible.  We finalized the design of Dave’s cheap generic nexium Pine Stump Mall in the beginning of July.  On July 14th we had a Ground Breaking Ceremony with the whole Venable Family here, there were about 80 in attendance and much of the community came out to support the monumental event!  It was a great way to start the rebuilding process.

From left: Shelley Hughes, Dave Venable, Dan Hughes, Chuck Venable

Venable family members at the July 14th groundbreaking ceremony

The new building will be similar in style to the old Dave’s Pine Stump Mall, with a few new features. Special features include: a 2/12 sloped rubber roof, fire walls on both East and West property lines, vaulted ceiling with exposed trusses, and radiant floor heat with exposed stained concrete floors.  The layout will be similar to what existed before with Dave’s Pine Cone Café on the right (home of the best Billy Burger in town), four retail shops on the left, including space for the hair shop to return, and of course there is still ice cream up front.  There are also ADA accessible restrooms, men’s and women’s.  Chuck and the retail tenants will have room in the 900sf basement to store things they might need on hand at any given weekend.  It will have an extremely open feel and yet provide all the benefits from the past.

Now that Permits, Planning and Zoning, and final design decisions are finished, completion is in sight!  This week has been a great week.  Great weather!  A little rain always helps in pouring concrete.  We got the footings poured and have started laying block for the stem walls and basement.  Maybe a  disappointment to some, but we won’t be building the track-hoe into the building… stay tuned to for how we get the track-hoe out of the center of Dave’s Pine Stump Mall!  In the next two weeks you can look forward to more concrete, slabs and structural steel.

Thank you in advance for your support of “The Return of the Stump”.  Dave, Chuck and Tim Venable deserve a huge thank you from our community for believing in Cloudcroft enough to re-build their establishment, and a pat on the back for the attention to detail to recreate a place we all enjoyed and can’t wait to return to!!!  Go Venable’s!!!!

Green Mountain Construction, Inc. is a family owned and operated company.  It is Cloudcroft’s only full service construction company, offering design/build opportunities in residential or commercial.  We are licensed and bonded and continue to be at the forefront of building and design throughout the mountain community.  Started in 1991 by Jim Maynard, it is currently owned and operated by Dan and Shelley (Maynard) Hughes.  Dan has over $60 million in commercial project experience and over $5 million in residential project experience.  We can handle any project from the most complex detail to the steepest lot!  We have a highly skilled in-house foundation crew (with large excavation equipment), framing crew, and trim-out crew.  We also work with a dedicated sub-contractor base; all have proven their quality and workmanship to us over the years.  Shelley has 7 years of experience in construction and design working on a wide variety of projects including commercial, industrial, financial, office, live/work, multifamily and a wide range of single family residential projects.  As an owner of Green Mountain Construction, Inc., Shelley has direct involvement in all facets of company operations, including design, production, review, permitting, construction administration and client interaction.  Other tasks include company and personnel operations.  Shelley began her career in 2004 as an intern with JLS Architects, a small firm in Albuquerque, NM.  There she received a well rounded foundation in design with a wide range of responsibility on each project at many different levels of design.  She moved back to her home town of Cloudcroft, NM in 2007 to begin growing the family business and building a legacy for the mountain community.  If Green Mountain Construction can be of service to you please don’t hesitate in contacting us, we’d be glad to give you a personal showing of our current projects, and look forward to talking with you!  We wish everyone a fantastic fall, and if you don’t have a trip planned to come see our beautiful mountain in the fall you should plan your trip now!

Please visit our website at or give us a call at 1.800.748.2537.

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  1. Comment by Barbara Hansen:

    Can’t sleep at night wondering how the track-hoe will make it safely out of the building.  This is exciting!!!

  2. Comment by Richard Day:

    I still think the trackhoe would make a really fine time capsule for someone to dig up in 200 years…

  3. Comment by probbins:

    What is a trackhoe?  I ate at Dave’s 2 years ago, and can’t remember.

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