Local Businesses and Webcam Comments

Back in the early 1920’s Admiral Arleigh Burke, reflecting on the introduction of new technology, made the comment that, “Going to sea used to be fun, and then they gave us radios.”  Some of the small businesses in Cloudcroft recently hit with complaints on the comments section of Cloudcroft Webcam may be thinking “Being in business used to be fun, and then someone invented social media!”.  The internet and social media are here to stay and should be viewed as useful tools by Cloudcroft’s small businesses.

Today’s visitors to Cloudcroft are technologically savvy.  They don’t depend on a telephone book to find a business.  They use their computers and smart phones.  They Google, Bing, facebook, Yahoo and Disqus and have the ability to instantly communicate their likes or dislikes to thousands of people.

How are the comments on Cloudcroft Webcam and other social media sites helpful to the businesses of Cloudcroft?

  • Never before could a business owner “hear” the conversations among customers and prospective customers about their products and services, and be able to join the conversation.
  • Never before could a business owner get notice in real time of a customer’s need for immediate service and action.
  • Never before could a business owner deliver a solution or offer an apology that would instantly sit right beside a complaint or negative review.

When a photography club, planning a trip to Cloudcroft, posted a question about hiking trails on the webcam comments; Derrell Pehr, editor of the local Mountain Monthly newspaper recognized the opportunity and posted a response with links to hiking articles on the newspaper’s facebook page. He also offered to put together a photography workshop for the group while they were in Cloudcroft.  I don’t know if the club took Derrell up on his workshop offer, but I do know many webcam viewers clicked on the links to the articles posted by Derrell.

The vision I had when creating Cloudcroft Webcam was to promote Cloudcroft by giving the world a live view of our scenic village, and this remains the website’s mission. Immediately after the December 13th fire on Burro Ave. we started receiving emails from concerned viewers who wanted to reach out to the community. I added a comments section to make it easier for visitors to the site to communicate with community members and other visitors. If you are a local business owner or manager I urge you to respond to the inquiries, comments, and questions posted by visitors to the webcam. They are eager to interact with the locals, and you just may end up with some new customers!

Mike Beckler – administrator of www.cloudcroftwebcam.com

If your Cloudcroft business is completely dependant on foot traffic and doesn’t have a presence on the internet, you are missing out on customers. Webcam visitors made me aware of a demand for up-to-date information on Cloudcroft news, activities, attractions, and businesses. In February of this year I started the High Country Posts website to fill this demand.  High Country Posts is always available to local businesses and organizations, free of charge, as a means to promote their business, organization and upcoming events on the internet.  Contact us for more information.


  1. Comment by Barbara Hansen:

    @ Mike Beckler; I do not own a business in Cloudcroft, but I live in the area full time, and I appreciate High Country Posts much as I appreciated my hometown newspaper years ago.  We needed this service to inform the community about events and issues on a daily basis.  I enjoy the Mountain Monthly, of course, for entirely different reasons.  I think we are lucky to have a print news source and an online source, too.

  2. Comment by Sealkay:

    I agree with you whole heartedly.  However, sometimes it is impossible to please everyone all the time.  Maybe some folks are used to a city of 2 million plus, like where I live, and there are more than enough places to spread the dinner business around.  I think a small village like Cloudcroft with approx population of 750 can’t ever hope to accommodate the swell of an additional 2000 people on a long weekend!  Everyone wants to eat at more or less the same time, and expects it to be ordered, prepared, served and out the door in an hour.  I personally always rent a cabin and buy/bring some groceries with me.  We do eat at the Western, Cross Eyed Moose, etc. but try to avoid the popular rush hours, and in the many trips to CC, have never had a single complaint about our meals or services.  I don’t know what some visitors expect, but I’m pretty sure they find fault wherever they go!  Cloudcroft is one of the most beautiful, friendly, accommodating places I have ever seen.  I have never encountered a single individual who didn’t behave as though they were there by choice and appreciated the opportunity to live there and provide services for transient visitors.  The business owners in CC are a very special bunch.  Some tourists, not so much so. 

  3. Comment by Kathy:

    I really like the webcams. When it is 100+ degrees outside (I live in Midland), I visit Cloudcroft via the webcam and just by looking at the Clouds that are usually over the village and just “visualize” the cool air that I always enjoy when visiting Cloudcroft.  We really envy people who are lucky enough to live in a beautiful and usually mild climate in the summer place like Cloudcroft. Especially when the sun blazes 100+ degrees several days in a row….Thank you Cloudcroft for sharing your village and hospitality with us when we visit.