Follow Me to the Senior Center “COURAGE”

by Carl and Jo Ann Hauser
If you are an older man and have managed to stay married for more than a few years, you have come to realize some of life’s truisms. One is that you never really win an argument with your wife; two, they cannot help but tell you what to do; three, men never ask for directions, because women never stop giving them. For example, all the way down the mountain my wife will be telling me where to go, when to turn, and to look at the wildlife beside the road. One time we were down the mountain in Alamo; I wasn’t feeling too well, and asked her if she would drive. She got behind the wheel, and the first thing she said was, “Which way do I go?” (Really?!) I have no explanation, but I’m not paying for counseling! Another time I made the mistake of chauffeuring three women to our Bible study. We came to an intersection; one told me to turn right; the other, left. And for the first time my wife was momentarily speechless!

On a recent trip to Michigan Jo Ann took her turn to drive, with a cup of coffee in one hand, a bag of chips in the other, she managed to point out the elk on the side of the road. Then she asked me to hold the steering wheel while she put a scrunchie in her hair. I then had a flashback . . . I remembered hearing Wendy complaining (whining, actually) that her husband Rex never let her drive on a long trip. I thought to myself, “Really? You can do that?” I believe Wendy’s husband Rex isn’t even forty yet, but apparently he has figured out something that I haven’t. Although Rex isn’t close to being a Senior yet, he showed great courage, and we’ll make him an honorary hero!

This brings us to the focus of this month’s article: our Senior Men, both courageous and accomplished. The following is a list of some of our Senior Men: Austin, Bob, Elvis, Gary F, Gary M, George, Jerry, Jim, Lyle, Randy, Robert, Val. See if you can match them to a few of the events that have shaped their lives: A. Goes around town collecting the piggy bank donations for SAP (Sacramento Assistance Program) from various business establishments. B. “Oh, what a beautiful dog!” is the response one gentleman gets when showing off a photo of himself (with his dog on his lap). C. Played in the band at NM A&M, and eventually married the girl he shared a music stand with. D. Starting at the age of 18, he worked at the largest combining company in the nation for 29 years. E. Inventor of a type of shock absorber. F. Taught statistics at Glendale Community College in Phoenix. G. Teacher of The Year last year at a high school of 4000 students. H. Still wears his Army Air Force uniform every year on Veterans’ Day. I. Was a motorcycle policeman for 9 years and firefighter for 22 years. J. Enlisted at age 16, and was stationed in Formosa and Korea. K. Formerly worked for Dallas Police Department. L. “Paid” volunteer at a brewery in Houston . . . what a job!!! M. Gave Eisenhower a physical. N. He’s “all shook up!” Many of these men are Veterans, who bravely served and defended our country in times of war . . . to whom we say, “Thank you, and God bless you.”

So, men, come on down to the Senior Center, pound your chest with your fists, act like the dominate male you always wanted to be, unless BJ, Kathy, Marrianne, Robin, Tammy, Jo Ann or Wendy is there. Then you should quietly go sit in the corner. But before you do that, pull on Wendy’s pony tail (gently!) and say, “Rex rocks!” . . . This would probably be a good time to mention what a wonderful job Wendy does at our Senior Center. She’s a Jack of all trades: cooking, driving the vans, meals on wheels, assessments, always cheerful, and even fills in when we are short a bridge player! We love you, Wendy!!

Check out the website Marty manages: Remember exercise class Tuesday mornings, Bridge Thursday afternoons, Farkle Friday afternoons, Roadrunner Food Bank for those already signed up on the first Wednesday of every month at 2:00. Call the good time girls, Kathy or Marrianne, at 682-3022 for lunch reservations or van reservations . . . PS ~ We may start selling Rex Rocks T-shirts!

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