1st Annual Outhouse Race Results

Cloudcroft’s 1st Annual Outhouse race is in the history books now. Pre-race, as the big crowd gathered on Burro Avenue, spectators were busy checking out the entries and picking their favorite team to cheer for. As the race began, the Cross Eyed Crapper team took an early lead in the downhill stretch, but pooped out as they hit the flats and were overtaken by The Blue Flame team, who gave it the gas and took the checkered flag, crossing the finish line in 1st place.

2nd Place Cross Eyed Crapper Team

We can only imagine how big this event will become in the future as more teams compete to take home the coveted 1st place golden toilet seat trophy. So if you think you and your friends have what it takes to engineer an outhouse fast enough to beat the defending champion Blue Flame team, then start planning now to compete in the 2nd Annual Outhouse Race at next year’s Labor Day Fiesta in Cloudcroft!


  1. Comment by Mamasweeta1:

    OK… that is just funny.  LISA KING… your one great Chamber director!!!!!!

  2. Comment by Ringwoodtherover:

    You folks are crazy, fantastic and wonderful but crazy. I love you guys.  Keep on making life so enjoyable, and keep sharing with the rest of us.