Statement From Heart of Dreams Inc.

Heart of Dreams Inc.

August 16, 2011

Mayor, Village Clerk and Village Residents,

We regret that we are not able to attend this evenings meeting.  We have asked that a representative of the village submit this statement to the attendees of this meeting.  We would like to clarify the rumors that have surfaced against Heart of Dreams Womens Healing Center.  Heart of Dreams is a private for profit S Corporation.  Heart of Dreams was intended to be a healing center for those women who needed those reinforcements to help them live a normal life style.  The center would be staffed 24/7 with licensed counselors, life coaches, spiritual and support staff.  An intense personal background and screening process would be required for entry and acceptance into the program.  We would not be accepting sex offenders.   The misrepresentation of Sexual Assault Prevention in our brochure is to teach those women how NOT to be a victim of Sexual Assault. Our participants would not be allowed to be employed so that they can focus on their growth.  A fencing permit was submitted to planning and zoning to put up a 4 foot cedar fence so that we would be able to have activities for the participants on the grounds and to keep village residents from walking through the middle of the property as it happens today. Heart of Dreams was never and will not be mistaken as a Halfway House.

Heart of Dreams has been a project that we have been working on for about 2 years.  In our professions we struggle every day trying to place women in an environment that was healthy and healing in a residential setting.  Judges and Courts across the state have communicated to us for several years they wished they had a place for referrals such as Heart of Dreams. This was a mission that was close to our hearts to try and help these women and mothers. When the owner of the Buckhorn Cabins approached us about the purchase of her property, we gave it much thought and believed that Cloudcroft was the perfect therapeutic environment.  Our participants would be able to focus on their healing with no distractions and be able to enjoy what Cloudcroft and the Sacramento Mountains has to offer for a healthy lifestyle.  We met with the Mayor, Village Clerk and the Cloudcroft PD to make sure that there was no issue with zoning for what we wanted to do.  We met several residents in the community while we have been working on the cabins since May.  Those folks that we met were very supportive of our center.  We have been busy since May remodeling, cleaning and updating the cabins and the grounds.  All of the contractors that have done work at the cabins have been licensed contractors and have complied with all construction permits. At no time has anyone contacted us in regards to their displeasure of what we were trying to do.

When we learned of the rumors, the flyers and the local blog about Heart of Dreams we were devastated.  The residents who were watching every move we made this past Sunday while we were working made us very uncomfortable. The misrepresentation and the false accusations against Heart of Dreams has been disheartening. We have never been attacked with such hatred for trying to help those in need.  We have taken this very personal and have decided to withdraw our dream of opening up our healing center here in Cloudcroft.  Although we have done nothing wrong and have complied with all the zoning and ordinance requirements, we cannot subject our prospective participants to any negativity that they may receive from any community residents.  We understand that it is a small majority of village residents who are displeased with our business and we thank all of the others who have been more than supportive during these past few days.  Our passion to continue to help those in need will always be there.  We would like to thank Mayor Venable and Jini Turri for their help and apologize for any trouble that this has caused them. 

Rhonda and John Baldonado

Heart of Dreams Inc.


  1. Comment by Scott:

    Mr. & Mrs. Baldonado, Please remember the unnamed sources of money you receive are to provide a normal life style for these women. These women are not pawns used to produce revenue.The women have already been taken advanatge of at least once. May God guide your heart and soul to do right by each of the women you help.

  2. Comment by Tpease:

    It seems to me that the Baldonados could have put an end to the “rumors” and discontent with this facility if they had simply been open and aboveboard with information at the onset of their project – when they first considered the purchase of the former Buckhorn and its renovation into a residential treatment facility.  It would have been very simple to write an information piece for the Mountain Monthly that would have provided their statement of intent and factual information about staffing,  the potential residents and the screening and selection process the Baldonados intended to implement.  A little preparation and explanation would have gone a LONG way toward alleviating the concerns of townspeople – both permanent and part-time, and the fault in this matter comes back to you, Mr. and Mrs. Baldonado.  Please don’t try to turn the tables and lay the blame on Cloudcroft residents. 

  3. Comment by Barbara Hansen:

    As a fulltime resident of the Cloudcroft area I thank you for this statement explaining what your program is all about.  I am embarrassed by some of the hateful, ugly thoughts expressed local bloggers, many of whom are not really local at all.  It is time for compassion and cool heads to prevail. 

  4. Comment by CLC:

    After a few months of working in Cloudcroft, I quickly realized that this place had a bad rumor mill.  But most of what I heard on a daily basis was harmless gossip.  The recent deal with this Heart of Dreams is a shame.  Shauna should be ashamed of herself walking around to all the business and being a big contributor of these rumors.  (After talking to several people in town, I discovered Shauna makes a habit of being a paranoid, trouble making person when others do something against her beliefs.)  Whether or not Mr. Baldonado was being less than forthcoming about this rehab center, Shauna and the other leaders of this inquisition should have gotten ALL the facts and done some research before possibly ruining the chance for help that these ladies would have been offered at this facility.  Small minded, ignorant people have no business spearheading such an undertaking that could affect other peoples lives when they might desperately need help.  Shame, shame on these badly informed, gossip mongors who believe everyone has to think like them.  Get your facts next time!!   Can’t we all just live and let live?

  5. Comment by CLC:

    One more comment….  I do TRULY believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  That is one of the freedoms this country was built on. I wish everyone felt that way.

  6. Comment by Lynnrice:

    This echos my sentiments. Preparation is essential, and prevents many rumors.

  7. Comment by Charles:

    If it’s such a good idea, why not have this type of facility out in an areas AWAY from town.  i bet you can find a structure out in the mountains that would work for this purpose.

  8. Comment by guest:

    The Baldonados are amazing people  –  honest, compassionate, loving and genuinely concerned with what is happening to people in our world. The intention was/is not to use these women as pawns.  It is to assist them in building a productive, responsible lifestyle and to be accountable in all things.   Any business person, for profit or not for profit can tell you it takes revenue to provide services.  Most of us do not live in our houses for free, we certainly don’t live on the land for free, get our electric, gas, water or any service without paying something.  Try going to the Dr. or the Hospital and not paying a fee.   Anyone who works gets paid for their services.  

    Your assesment of the Baldonados character is far from accurate.  The mission of Heart of Dreams has been twisted and misrepresented by a handful of people in the community – not by the Baldonados. I encourage you to ask those who began this slanderous journey into gossip and speculation if they ever, HONESTLY bothered to seek out information to present an accurate portrayal of what Heart of Dreams is about. 

    I am truly surprised and disheartened that there are those in this community who profess to be followers God and would throw their stones with such malice.  Judge not lest ye be judged.   

  9. Comment by Cloudcroft Webcam:

    When you allow public comments on your website you take the good with the bad.  I never envisioned the webcam site would become a battlefield for an issue like Heart of Dreams and I too was embarrassed by the statements of some of the locals.  I hope the comments on the webcam site will return to what they were prior to this and the world doesn’t judge our community based on the conduct of a few.  I believe we really are a small town of friendly people.

  10. Comment by Jacque Tanis:

    As a full time resident as well – there are hateful, ugly people in every community and you should not feel embarrassed or ashamed  of their freely  expressed their opinions as they had nothing to do with the opinions were freely expressed by you.  I thank God every day that we live in a Country where we have the freedom to express how we feel.  I also thank Him that we live in a country where the majority rules (well, most of the time) and we can, as a “community” choose what we want to bring onto our main streets and across from our schools.  It’s time for all of us to show compassion and respect both sides Barbara, no matter what our beliefs are in this matter!  

  11. Comment by RANDYW: