Sideliners Have A Busy Summer

Big news!!!!!
Most recently many of us got the automated message from the Schools that the “pay to play” for sports this year was to be $50 per student and they could play as many sports as they like. Due to a extremely generous donation from Community members Dr. Dan Jones and Dr. Suzanne Schmidt through Sideliners, we were able to pay down the pay to play to $30 per student. We want to thank Dr. Dan Jones and Dr. Suzanne Schmidt for their generosity and caring enough about the kids in our schools to do this. This is not over yet and Sideliners is happy to take any donations to offset the “pay to play” and then work directly with the school to get this cost down for all students.

Cookie Dough Delivery Date & Statistics
The Cookie dough delivery truck will be coming to Cloudcroft August 11th to the Senior Center. Please make plans to pick up your order of cookie dough on 8/11 between 3:00-5:00 pm or 8/12 between 3:00-5:00 pm. If this will not work for you please contact Wendy or myself and we will try to work something else out for you. If you live out by the Weed area I can pick up your order for you.

Cookie dough fundraiser at this point appears to be the big profit maker for the summer. The final numbers that the cookie dough fundraiser brought in to Sideliners was over $2600. Those of you that have toiled in a concession stand know that you’ve got to sell a lot of brisket sandwiches and popsicles to make $2600.

Here are the numbers:

  • 441 tubs were sold
  • $193 in donations were collected in lieu of purchasing cookie dough
  • 21 Students participated.

Keep in mind we estimate that there are approximately 100 students involved in sports between 7th-12th grades. Only around 20% were involved due to the campaign being a last minute effort in the middle of the summer. Just think if we could have had the majority of the kids that play sports involved. You do the math.

The top 3 sellers were.

  • Alex Miller 95 tubs – Alex won a $50 Big 5 gift card and a Cool Cloudcroft Hoodie
  • Zach Comino 73 tubs – I foresee gaining about 20 lbs
  • Andie Gray 45 tubs – Great job Andie this really helped out. Thanks

The average sold per student was 21 tubs (goal was 20 each and we exceeded it)

With all this in mind, if we can get the majority of our athletes involved in a cookie dough campaign next year before summer we could easily make over $10,000.00 for Cloudcrofts sports program.

Basketball Camp
It came down to the last minute, but, we were able to send 10 of our athletes to the Basketball camp in El Paso for four days. They had a great time. There were almost 100 kids at this camp and our boys were exposed to some very good players. Our kids held their own and even won a few awards. We had a great time at the Diablos baseball game that Thursday night as well.

Special thanks to Randy Melton that at the last minute was able to stay down there with the boys and Chaperone them the whole time.

Thanks to Coach Gary Stone that was down there much of the time with them as well.

High Altitude Ski Shop loaned us their bus and it was perfect for getting the boys from the motel to the camp and to El Paso.

Sideliners goals
There is lots that we would love to do for the Cloudcroft sports program. Having a successful sports program is not all about money, but, it is important that our kids have the equipment that they need, are able to attend tournaments and that they are not financially responsible for large sums of money to participate in School sports.

If we were adequately funded it would be helpful to our programs for our kids to have the options of attending sports camps during the summer if they are able. It keeps them in shape, they see the skill levels of other kids, and it raises their skill level.

The coaches at the recent Sideliner board meeting gave us their wish lists of things needed for their teams. The sideliner board is working on the next group of priorities for the first part of the school year. There are lots of priorities and the more involved parents, students and community are the more successful our Sports programs will be.

Alamogordo fair
Here is the schedule currently for how the concession stand will be staffed.

  • Thursday, August 18 – girls basketball 5-11 pm
  • Friday, August 19 – Boys basketball & Track 11am-11pm
  • Saturday August 20 – Football & Cheer
  • Determined that 4-5 parents/students in the booth at a time was max
  • Need at least 1 adult there at all times
  • Menu at this time. Root beer floats, Frito pie, Corn on the cob, Snow cones, Hot dogs.
  • Please work directly with the coaches of the Sports to coordinate when you will be needed.

Thanks everyone for your hard work this summer. Please go out of your way to do business with our corporate sponsors. Hopefully in the near future I will be sending out a list of those that are supporting Cloudcroft Sports financially.

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