Follow Me to the Senior Center “One of Those Days”

By Carl and Jo Ann Hauser
Ever had one of those days your youth minister never prepared you for? When I first started working for the Post office in Kansas City, I was 22 years old, married, and a child on the way . . . you know, a man of the world. The thing about your first few years with the Post Office, they can send you anywhere and everywhere. One day I was assigned the downtown parcel post route, which included 12th Street, commonly known as the burlesque district. Of course Murphy’s Law dictated that I would have a parcel for one of the dancers. Then I figured, how bad could it be? It’s 11 AM, they are not even open yet, and after all, “the mail must go through!” So, I marched through the door, focused on the task at hand. It was kind of like an episode of Twilight Zone. On one side of the door everyone was wearing clothes, and on the other side everyone was naked! The dancers, the bartenders, everyone except the bouncers (thank you!). Or maybe you’ve had one of those dreams where you get up, go to work, and find out you forgot to put your clothes on. It was kind of like that, except I had my clothes on and apparently everyone else forgot.

Trying to be a complete professional and unfazed, I yelled out, “Where’s Bubbles?” One of the dancers strolled out from behind the bar, wearing only a few tassels, strategically placed. By this time I was pretty much paralyzed by my circumstance, but I managed to stare Bubbles straight in the eye, saying, “I have a C.O.D. wig for .95 and we don’t take checks.” While she stared back at me for a moment, the only thought in my head was, “Where does she keep her money? How is she going to pay me the .95?” Needless to say, it was one of those days, so instead of answering those questions, we are going to flash forward to the present.

I was on my way into town, minding my own business, as usual, when all the warning lights on the dash of my car started flashing at me! I calmly turned around, put my car back into the garage, and said, “I hope you feel better in the morning.” I got into my truck, started back into town, and the low coolant light came on! I stopped the truck, got out, and began adding some coolant, when I heard the hissing of air rushing out of one of the rear tires. After kicking the tire a few times and banging my head on the side of the truck, I hobbled over to Rogers Auto Repair, who graciously fixed my flat.

The moral of these stories is Life is an Adventure . . . So Stay Home . . . unless you are on the way to the Senior Center!! Bubbles should be pushing 70 by now, and could be one of our seniors. Unless it is Mothers’ Day week and one of our senior men is cross-dressing again, Bubbles would be the one wearing a wig, tassels, and hopefully a few other articles of clothing!

We want to thank Marty for her amazing and creative work on our website: Have you been there lately? She does an awesome job! Do you need to shop in Alamogordo? Try riding our van for your next shopping excursion on Mondays or Tuesdays. Exercise classes are ongoing Tuesday and Friday mornings at 10:00. A friendly bridge game happens every Thursday after lunch. The famed game of Farkle is played Fridays after lunch. Roadrunner Food Bank food boxes are ready for pick-up at 2:00, the first Wednesday of the month, for those families who have pre-registered. Call the good-time girls, Kathy or Marrianne, at 682-3022 for information and reservations. PS ~ Next month we plan on highlighting some of the amazing men of our Senior Center.

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