Forest to Lift Fire Restrictions

Alamogordo , NM (August 16, 2011) – Effective August 18, 2011, at 8:00 a.m., Lincoln National Forest officials will lift the Stage 2 Fire Restrictions. Continued rainfall has eased the fire danger from extreme to moderate.

“A wetter weather pattern has set up over the forest,” said Acting Lincoln National Forest Supervisor Garth Smelser. “The Lincoln National Forest went through many months with no moisture, and this warranted a Stage IV Emergency Area Fire Closure. With the recent monsoon rains, we will continue to monitor the summer pattern but also want to remind the public to do their part and ensure a safe and fire-free forest, any time of the year.”

Visitors to public lands should continue to be fire safe and not have a false sense of security about campfires or other sources of ignition because of the recent rainfall. Under moderate fire danger conditions, fires can still start from most accidental causes, as well as from lightning. Land managers will continue monitoring the need to restrict certain uses on public lands as conditions change.
“We sincerely thank the public for their efforts and their patience over the past several months,” Smelser said. “The collaborative fire prevention messages from forest personnel and our surrounding mountain communities decrease wildland fire starts on private and federal lands.”

The Lincoln National Forest offers a myriad of recreation opportunities such as hiking, picnicking, and horseback riding. Stop by a District Ranger Office, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., for more information.

Also, the mountain communities of Cloudcroft, Ruidoso, Ruidoso Downs, Sacramento, Weed, Mayhill, and High Rolls are open for business as usual and offer lodging, shopping, and dining opportunities.

As always, fireworks are prohibited on all public lands. When planning a trip to National Forests, KNOW BEFORE YOU GO.

For fire safety tips or more information on fire restrictions across New Mexico, check out or call the interagency Restriction and Closure Hotline at (877) 864-6985.

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  1. Comment by Lyn:

    There have indeed been a few recent lightning fires in the Sacramento Mtns/Lincoln National Forest.  Wildfires can still happen; the danger is not gone, it’s being called “Moderate”.  The complete lifting of fire restrictions at this time is risky, in my opinion.  Around where we live, you can dig down a matter of inches and still find dry soil.  The trees have not been thoroughly “watered”.  Let’s hope no people get careless.

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