Notes from the Bird House – Did I Say Two Eyeballs???

Jeff is stupid! His brain is smaller than both eyeballs put together. This morning he was sitting on my chest… starring at me. He was trying not to make a sound but wanted me to wake up. I know this because each little breath he took, two inches from my face, a tiny sigh would escape. I thought, if I stayed still he would go away and leave me alone. However, it was not to be. He put his little nose so close to my lips I could feel him breathe, his little whiskers tickled my face . You have no idea how bad I wanted to rub my cheek. He did pretty well for about 10 minutes then he starts getting impatient. He gives me a tiny lick on my chin. I did not move. A bark escapes then another and another until I throw off the covers. My one day off started at 6am just like every other day. Shoot!

As soon as my feet hit the floor, he is off running back and forth from me to the door over and over again. For some reason he thinks the screen door is closed and he refuses to even try to get out the doggie door anymore. I can understand that because the last time he was all in a hurry to get out he smashed his face pretty hard. I know dogs can’t cry but when I picked him up, to console him, his eyes were the spitting image of Niagara Falls. After a few minutes of him trying to coax me to the door, I walked over and let him out then fixed a cup of coffee. Immediately, he starts barking and barking loud. His normally shrill little bark was more like a scream! Mutt went out then to see what all the yelling was about. Without a word, she was back in and on the couch. She gave a deep, throaty, genuine growl, like that sound she makes just before he throws up. Her ears were pulled back and her normally tiny eyes were as large as an owl’s. She sat frozen and Jeff was screaming. I went to see what was going on. I saw Jeff scream/barking at a very large critter. At first I thought it was my neighbor’s dog but it was black and their dog is brown. I watched it for a second or so then realized it was A BEAR. Stupid 6 pound Jeff was out there challenging it to a dual! He was prancing behind his fence like it was a force field straight out of Star Wars! He was cocky, had no fear and was full of moxie. Did I say two eyeballs? Let me restate that, no bigger than one eyeball! I was so surprised to see the little bear I forgot all about Jeff. Why is it that when you reach for your binoculars they are N E V E R where they should be? I thought camera but it was in my car outside where the bear was…no thank you. Then I settled on finding my glasses. I never found them but I did manage to make it back in time to see it was only a baby maybe one year old and Jeff had it fooled. Off it lumbered slow and steady. And so begins my Sunday morning day off.

Below are a couple of pics my neighbor down the street took at her place the day after our encounter.


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Have a great week everyone. Until next time

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    You didn’t include the web address to your blog with this post, but I’ve added it now.  Sorry about that.

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