Notes from the Bird House – Have You Ever??

The other day we took a family trip to El Paso just to get out of the house and maybe find a bling, bling case for my iphone. I found a little kiosk that had hundreds of cases but only a few blingy ones. I saw two that caught my eye. He made me a deal on both. One was semi bling in pink and purple the other a pink bunny case but no bling. The next day my girlfriend and I went to Las Cruces to pick up some Swarovski Crystals so I could bling it out myself. We had the best time. Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, Olive Garden and a little Geo Caching while there. This new phone is awesome. I just hit a button and it will show me where the Caches are in my area. We didn’t find the first cache but we were in luck on the second hunt.

A few days later I bought some Super Glue. I felt it might work better than regular glue on the rubber bunny cover. That night my husband ordered a movie and was totally immersed in it. I thought this would be a good night to decorate that case. I pulled out my trusty craft table, all my bling, the glue and settled in for a night of creativity…… Have you every got Super Glue on your lip? I have and let me tell you it is scary! Not only will it dry your lip out it will SPREAD to your teeth and tongue if you try to talk! Sheer panic will engulf your body when you realize your tongue is stuck to your front teeth! How in the world did I do that? Would you like for me to paint you a picture?

I was having trouble getting the tiny crystals on with the right amount of glue. For some reason it was gushing out without me squeezing it. I soon realized that when the glue dried it left a white film. I did not have a toothpick or steady hands so that left plenty of white smears everywhere. I hated it. I removed all the crystals and tried to clean it up. I found some jewelers tweezers and gave it another try. It was going really well. The glue had found its happy place and decided to cooperate. I was down to the next to the last crystal and disaster struck! The glue made a bubble and exploded on the side of the case. The crystal was covered in super glue and was slipping off. I did not want it to hit my hardwood floor in fear of it sticking and leaving a nasty spot so….. I stopped it with my lip. Instantly my lip began to dry out. As in, it shriveled UP with the crystal attached. I stuck my tongue to my lip out of instinct I guess. BAD MISTAKE. Tongue was glued to my lip and FRONT teeth. I panicked. I opened my mouth to free my tongue. It worked but not without taking a little piece of my lip with it. I thought I was in the clear and started to ask my hubby if he had ever got super glue on his skin. OMG! There was still active glue on my lips and when they touched, they sealed shut! I was grateful that my husband was so involved in his movie and that the glue had sealed my mouth shut before I called attention to myself. I wiggled my finger in the side of my mouth and slowly pried my lips apart. I was in shock. I sat with my mouth wide open and prayed that the glue would hurry up and dry. All I could felt was shrivel, shrivel, shrivel.

Silent. Yes that’s right; I was silent for about 15 minutes. In part, to keep all glued areas from touching each other and sticking again. The other part, I didn’t want my husband to get wind of what I just did. So, while I sat there with my mouth wide open waiting for the glue to dry, I hid behind the newspaper. Then I secretly peeled the hardened glue off. Oh that is another thing; it is a tough row to hoe when trying to get the glue off without taking your skin with it. My advice… keep all glues away from your face. And if you do get it in your mouth, let it dry before you talk and don’t tell your spouse. I have a feeling he will never let you live it down. Thank goodness my spouse does not read my blog!

This week the birdhouse ladies would love to invite you to come out to The Bird House and spend time with the humming birds. They are all over the place. The hummers at the Bird House are so used to people they have been known to sit on your finger, if held up to the feeder. You can even get inches away from them for an up close picture. While you are here, come on in the store to check out all the new feeders. This week only our Humming Bird Feeders are 10% off, if you say you saw this special on the blog, you can get another 10% off. Hummers are so fun to feed. You can make the food by combining 4 cups of water to 1 cup of sugar. You need to boil the water before you mix in the sugar. The boiling keeps it from fermenting when exposed to the heat. Don’t forget to let it cool before setting it out. Or you might want to pick up some of our Hummer’s Galore Nectar to go in the feeder. It does not require any boiling! Just mix and serve.

Sale starts July 10th thru July 16th

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  1. Comment by Anthony L. Napodano:

    Back here in Florida, falling out of my chair because I’m laughing so hard. FDLOL as the kids would say. First your toe, then your mouth. You may need to take a break from crafts for a spell.

  2. Comment by Anthony L. Napodano:

    Back here in Florida, falling out of my chair because I’m laughing so
    hard. FDLOL as the kids would say. First your toe, then your mouth. You
    may need to take a break from crafts for a spell.

  3. Comment by Thebirdhousecloudcroft:

    I have no fear I guess.  Life is so short  I just want to try it all. 🙂  Well not this again and not the toe.  One time is one too many.  Glad yaw made it back safe and sound.  Enjoyed spending time with you and Merry.