Cloudcroft Jr. High Sports Have Been Saved

After the Cloudcroft School Administration eliminated the Jr. High sports program for the upcoming school year due to budget constraints, the Cloudcroft Sideliners organization demonstrated what community spirit and hard work can accomplish. The Sideliners vowed they wouldn’t let Jr. High Sports fall by the wayside and immediately went to work expanding their fund raising activities on behalf of the Cloudcroft Bears.

The following is an excerpt from an email by Paul Comino.

It is with great pleasure I can tell you that our Middle School sports program has been saved for the coming school year. Wendy McCourt, the President of Sideliners, issued the check (hard earned money) this last week  from the Sideliners account to Cloudcroft Schools to make sure that we have sports in Cloudcroft next year.  Everyone involved should be very proud of what was accomplished this summer on a very short notice.  It goes to show you that if we get involved we can make a difference with our Sports program here in Cloudcroft.

This summer started out with just trying to determine how much was needed and when it was needed by. 

We not only have exceeded the amount needed for middle school sports, but, we also got it done comfortably before the deadline. 

Sideliners has a ambitious list of goals for this year and there is a group of people on the Sideliner board that are working their tails off to make sure we hit those goals.  Our work is not done.  In the coming months we need to continue to organize, get the message out that as parents, athletes and community we need to get involved in our sports program.

I think many agree Cloudcroft’s Sports Programs have not been what they can be.  There are many reasons, however, what we can impact as parents and community we must.  In the past, maybe you were never asked for help.  That has changed.  We need your help and we are asking for your help.

Whether it is assisting in a fundraiser, working a concession stand, donating money, making phone calls, making posters, attending sports events, showing your support for Cloudcroft Sports at School Board meetings, or just frequent the businesses that are supporting Cloudcroft Sports.

We can make a difference. Sideliners is the vehicle to do just that.


This summers fundraisers so far have been.

  • Car Wash at Culligan Water in Alamogordo
  •  Alamogordo Street Fair
  • Walmart Dominos pizza discount cards fundraiser
  • Summer Dance
  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Mayfair
  • BAMM Music Festival
  • July Jamboree
  • Pet Show
  • Cookie Dough fundraiser
  • Corporate Sponsors
  • Private individual donations
  • Jennifer Stone Sold Cookies at Weed Store this summer
  • Special mention Alex Miller that sold 95 tubs of cookie dough & $117 in donations. ($649)

That was a full schedule for the summer and I want to thank everyone for all their hard work.


This Summers Corporate and Community Supporters so far have been.

  • Randy Melton Electrical in Cloudcroft
  • Culligan Water in Alamogordo
  • Penasco Gravel in Mayhill
  • Mountain Magic in Cloudcroft
  • Dr. Dan & Suzanne Schmidt in Cloudcroft
  • The Stove and Spa Store in Alamogordo
  • Weed Store in Weed
  • Remax in Alamogordo
  • Coldwell Banker in Alamogordo
  • Alta Vista Chalet Motel in Cloudcroft
  • Southwest Disposal in Alamogordo

Please note that we have not even started what has been the traditional season of requesting local business support.  Typically that has been done at the end of the summer, however, with the urgency to save Jr. High Sports several new businesses were approached for help and we thank those that came through.  There will be our traditional donors coming forward in the coming months and we will want to thank them as well.

This is a good time to remind everyone to do business with our corporate sponsors and thank them for their donations.

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