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Today I went on my first guided bird watching hike.  It was very interesting.  Prior to working at The Bird House, my only experience with birds was my daughter’s pet cockatiel named Polly. This should not be confused with my favorite cocktail I like to call Bird of Paradise.Our hike proved to be very educational, at least to me.  On this day I learned about binoculars.  I have always had a pair of field glass in the house, but other than being a paper weight for my magazines they had never been used for any other reason.  I was instructed to shut my left eye and look through the lens with my right eye only.

Right away I knew I was in trouble.  You see, I can’t wink… all.  Oh, I have tried many times before.  I practiced in the mirror at home by pulling my smile up on one side toward my eyeball.  It just made me look like I had a much exaggerated permanent fixed tic.  Not pretty.  I tried to hold my eye down with one finger then let go really quick to see if it would stick.  Nope, the mirror just kept reflecting two open eyeballs.  I have been given many tips over the years but nothing has ever worked.  Oh, to be able to wink, that skill would be one of the best things I could learn.  I could tell a whopper then wink and everybody would know I was just kidding.  As it is, I have to either not tell whoppers or give a disclaimer after my tall tales.  Yes, yes I would love to be able to wink.

-Back to the lesson at hand-  I tried to turn slightly away from our guide because I had to hold my eye down with my finger then look through the other lens as instructed, embarrassing to say the least.    It was working until he said to turn the little knob; I believe it is called the ocular lens.  I fiddled around, imagine a pretzel, until I got the binoculars in a position that allowed me to turn the little thingy.  I turned it back and forth until I had everything in focus.  I must say, I was a wee bit amazed with this little piece of knowledge.  He says now that it is fixed to your eye, never touch it again.  That was okay with me because my days of arm contortions are long behind me.  He said to only turn the knob in the middle; I believe it is the focus wheel, to focus in on my subject.  After that brief instruction we were off.

He had permission to walk on this private land but we could not take, move or touch anything out there.  Not that there was anything of importance in this long ago apple orchard.  Kazumi, my boss, and I saw a couple of logs at the same time.  We have been looking for short fat logs to sit upright for customer’s seating. We looked at each other at the same time…this would be a good time for a wink.  I believe we were thinking the same thing.  I smiled, she smiled then we heard again not to touch anything…we walked on.  Soon we saw our first bird in flight.  Those things are hard to find in the trees.  I throw my binoculars up to my eyes.  I can’t find squat.  He tells me to locate it with my eyes first then use the binoculars. I found it!  The trick is to listen.  That meant I COULD NOT TALK. This is almost impossible for me.  I had to walk for a bit then stop and listen.  When I heard one I was to zero in on first with my eyes then use the field glasses to see it.  We ended up spotting 6 or 7 different birds that day.  We soon came to a stream and out jumps a black lab with a buddy.  Two dogs out of no where, in the middle of no where, felt a little unnerving.  His buddy hit the trail but he decided we were cool and hung out with us.  The stream looked as if it were well used by the owner’s kids long ago.  There was evidence of an old time worn wooden gate over the water, an old tire swing and a make shift bridge composed of two very large thick planks.  You could just see the kids playing long ago.  Huck Finn came to mind as I looked back when leaving.

All in all, it was a great trip.  We saw a great, yet old, piece of land with a cold water stream running through it, birds all over and made friends with a black lab.
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