New Mexico’s AYP Rankings Signal the Need for Reform

SANTA FE – The New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) released the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) rankings for 831 public schools on Friday. The AYP rankings reveal that nearly 87% of New Mexico’s schools are not making adequate progress under the federal No Child left Behind (NCLB) Act. When it comes to student proficiency, only 42% of New Mexico students perform at grade level in Math and Science and only 50% are proficient in Reading.

“The message couldn’t be clearer: our children need education reform now,” said Secretary-designate Hanna Skandera. “Educators know almost 87% of our schools aren’t failing,” Secretary Skandera continued, “and that’s why we need reforms like our A through F school grading system.”
While the pass or fail nature of NCLB makes it difficult to get a clear picture of school performance, what the rankings do point out is the need for increased focus in core subject areas such as literacy. One example is in 3rd grade reading where only 53% of children are performing at grade level. The consequences of passing those children on to the next grade become evident as the rankings show only 47% of New Mexico 4th graders are proficient in Reading.

“These rankings show we’re not getting the job done and that’s not acceptable for our children,” said Secretary Skandera. “We now have an opportunity to be honest about what our kids need and acknowledge what we’ve done in the past isn’t working,” she continued.

In the Fall, the Public Education Department plans to submit a waiver to the U.S. Department of Education to replace the NCLB accountability rankings with New Mexico’s own A through F grading system. Federal education officials have signaled their intention to grant such waivers to states who want to expand on reforms while still raising accountability for students.

For detailed NCLB rankings for all of New Mexico’s 89 school districts, the public can visit the PED website:

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  1. Comment by Robert:

    Let us stop being politically correct and call things as they are. Why will no one discuss the demographics relating to these statistics? It is not that “we’re not getting the job done” it is the household the child comes from and the lack of interest in the child’s progress. We have low income one parent families with 5 children from 4 different fathers. We are also supporting undocumented aliens that are placing both a financial and academic burden on our school system. Teachers, you are doing the best you can under the given circumstances.