Notes from the Bird House – A Sunflower Seed By Any Other Name

I know I’ve mentioned that I throw mail with my husband and on a good morning we manage to work well together, but on other days we just work. This was one of those days….

I was running late. My hair was just not making nice. My clothes were left in the dryer over night and wrinkles were set in hard. I couldn’t find my shoes and my makeup was half on. No really, only one eye and one side was blushed. “WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE!” encourages my husband. Of course, “encourages” that is my sarcasm shining through. I throw everything down, walk out with one shoe in hand and an attitude that would make a bad dog run.

“Large letters to the back,” he croaks. “Get busy,” he says, while doing nothing! Or at least nothing I can see. Okay, now I’m about to go postal on him…

Humph! I yelled…in my head. You see, I am a firm believer in picking your battles. I looked at him and contemplated going for the big one…instead I decide to walk away, cool off and get some sunflower seeds from the local corner store. I really like sunflower seeds. They are nature at its finest and when humans add the salt it sets my soul at ease. I try not to eat them often, but when mad they do the trick to occupy my thoughts and keep me from ringing my other half’s neck!

Our drive started pretty good. Things had calmed down and I was getting into the music while sucking on a handful of seeds. Before I knew it, my toes are tapping out the beat of the current song. Things were looking up until the man I married, the man that saw me getting ready this morning in frustration, the man I just gave a stern look to only minutes ago, looks at me with a look that said…THAT SAID…well I don’t know what it said, but I didn’t like the look!

Again I had to make a choice to battle or not to battle. I came to the conclusion that I would wait to fight the good fight another day. It was already a hot, hot day and tempers flying would just make it all worse. As I was pondering the question of whether to duke it out or not, I realized I had a hand full of empty sunflower seed shells in my hand and nowhere to put them. So I rolled down the window and took all that rage I was feeling at the moment and wadded it up into those sunflower shells. I made the biggest throw I could muster, and let ‘er rip!

OMGOSH! It landed on the car next to us! The poor man’s window was down! If any thing flew inside, he didn’t notice. I think he was more concerned with the dot to dot puzzle of seeds on his windshield and car door. He sort of gave me the same look I just saw on my hubby’s face. I gave him the most apologetic look I could. I stuck out my bottom lip and shrugged my shoulders I think I may have even batted my eyes a time or two in hopes that he would forgive my stupidity.. I then give a panicked look over to my husband. I realize he saw nothing, notta, no clue as to what I just did. He turned on his blinker and drove off. I turned to look back at the poor man as we drove away. I could not see his face because of his wipers racing at 90 miles an hour. I keep watching in the rear view mirror. All I could imagine was the sight of him pulling up beside us and cussing my poor, poor husband out. I was beginning to think that all of this crumby day was all my doings. Our next units of boxes were just ahead, and still no sight of the victim…. I mean gentleman. I go about putting packages in their respective boxes, all the while, looking over my shoulder. Ten minutes later, my heart is finally starting to settle down. I grab the last of the out going mail and look up to find that polka dotted seed car driving S-L-O-W-L-Y by. I pray he just keeps on driving. I mouth, “I’m so sorry.” He gives me a look, slightly waves and drives on. My husband is a witness to this exchange and I can see he wants to ask what it was all about. I have no idea what kind of look was on my face but it must have been good because he went about his business and never said a word.

I still look for that gentleman from time to time. I have yet to see him and if I ever do see him again I will apologize profusely, beg for forgiveness and divert my husband away from the whole conversation.

Here at the Bird House we sell a variety of seeds. From the Black Oil Sunflower seed to our own special blended Bird House Brand seed. Our blends are sure to please all birds but created for our mountain bird in particular. Our quality is unsurpassed without all the fillers you get with commercially packaged birdseed. Please come in and check it out. We have small bags for the weekenders or large 20 pound bags to last a while. Don’t forget to ask about our seed rewards program. Every time you purchase a 20 pound bag you will receive a stamp on your rewards card. When the card is full bring it back for a free bag of seed. All you pay is the tax. NOW that is a deal.

Until next time,

Store Manager
203 Hwy 82, Cloudcroft

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  1. Comment by Tony:

    I read this to Merry and it made her laugh out loud.

  2. Comment by The bird house in cloudcroft:

    You two do wonders for my ego.

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