Notes from the Bird House – Pouting

Today I was reminded again of a story I mentioned in a previous article. I was still in Memphis and another adventure was on the horizon with the GK’s 1 and 2.

There was a couple of reasons we were there and one was to take care of my mom. This morning was one of those great-memaw days for the grand kids. The boy’s and I were going over to visit and bring her some lunch. GK1 was stung by two or three dang wasp on her front porch two days prior. I thought I had killed them all, after they got me, but apparently not. He was scared to death to go back over there. The GK’s wanted me to buy them both a Gameboy game to play while there, “to make them braver”. Now, just picture two little boys 6 and 7, big brown eyes, bottom lips just a quivering and a little cracking in their voice. I said no because they have so many games as is and they should just take one they already have.

Well, two new Gameboy games later we were having a good visit with mom. Mom gave them 5 dollars a piece. As soon as we got back into the car, they were begging to go back to Game Stop for a used game. NO, I tell them, it is hot and we needed to eat.

Well, one more used game later, we were heading to KFC. We passed a park and they wanted to play. I told them I don’t want to stop it is just TOO HOT.

Well, forty-five minutes later we’re leaving our KFC picnic and play time at the park. This time I was determined to not give in to any other demands. I told them we were playing the quite game all the way home and who ever wins gets a dollar. “A DOLLLLLARRRRR??” they asked. “How ’bout 5.00 and we got a deal.”, said GK2.

Well, 10.00 later (it was a tie), I realized somewhere between the 2nd trip to the game place and the park that I was fighting a losing battle with them and to cut my losses with any sum money they demanded. I did enjoyed silence all the way home. Big brown eyes, pleading little voices, hugs and many many kisses are just too hard for me to resist. -so shoot me-

Here at the bird house I see this daily between parent/child and gparents/child. We have the cutest little bird and insect stuffies from the Audubon Society. Each little bird or insect, makes the correct corresponding sound of the critter it is representing. Guardians start out with no, no, no. The next thing I hear from them is how CUTE they are. Then they start trying to talk the kids into getting the ones they love the most. Thank goodness I am in good company. I too have been known to try to get my favorite via the kid!

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