Notes from the Bird House – It’s True

I was going to tell you another story about my GK’s this week but we have had so much interest in The Bird House garden that I thought I would tell this story first…..

I love those scented softsoap shower gels. Not only does it make your skin feel great, they can make bubbles for miles in a jetted tub and they have an aromatherapy effect that can rival any spa. Really I can’t say enough about them. Tonight was another bubble bath night. I needed a memory to kick in so I could stop fretting about what to write. It seems there are two sure fire ways to get my mind in gear and that is a snow storm or a warm bubble bath.

The bubbles were at least 18 inches high. The bathroom had a heavenly aroma of cucumber with melon and pomegranate oil. The dogs opted out of the bath time show tonight so there were no worrisome whines to get in the tub with me. Nothing at all to cloud the mind.

(insert cricket sounds here…no really you need to make the sound)

There is nothing in this head of mine. And that is nothing short of astounding. I think I just heard half of my friends hit the floor! Anyway, I decided to relax and try to remove the perils of the day. Five minutes later…(again with the crickets). I can not get my head in the game. It was not long before my eyes came to a rest on the faucet at the tub. I got to thinking about those old television shows and movies which shows the hot chickie in the tub and she has her toe stuck in the faucet. How in the world does a real person get their toe stuck in such a large opening? And so starts the stupidity of it all.

I tried it. I stuck my toe in and out it fell. Hummm. It entered my mind that if this were Myth Busters, they would keep trying until they proved it to be plausible or busted. At that moment, I decided to really give this as much attention as Jamie and ‘what’s his name’ would have given it on their tv show. I schooched down a little bit to get a better angle. Nothing, it fell right back out. I wiggled down more and crammed my toe way in there and left it. It started to feel like it was going to work. I left it for a few minutes longer then it hit me. If my toe really does get stuck, my husband is going to have to help me get out of it. The first 10 years we were married he thought I was one of the smartest women alive. ( I…am a fantastic actress ) In the last ten years he has changed his mind. It appears he might be right because the next thing I do is pull my toe and it’s ce medicament este nexium stuck. WOW it’s true! No problem, I will just relax and it will fall out. NOT. I laid there thinking about this situation I got myself into. I think, maybe it is like Chinese handcuffs. So I push it in further! Yeah, not like Chinese handcuffs. It now hits me I am really STUCK. I can’t call my husband; I just can’t! I decide to stand up. That in itself was a little bizarre. Arms and legs flailing in the air trying to stand with one foot stuck and soap bubbles everywhere. I found myself standing but I was at a loss as to what to do. I thought maybe if I can twist the faucet upward, then I could pour some of that Pomegranate oil in the space between my toe and the metal. And so, I did and I waited. Crap! the dogs started scratching the door down trying to get in. I guess all the splashing to stand up gave them some cause for alert. I couldn’t get to the door to let them in. About that time I hear footsteps and they are coming my way. I am pulling with all my might to get that toe out. THEN….out it pops. The door cracks open and the dogs rush in then the door closes. I never saw a face but I hear my daughter mumbling as she walked out. She was tired of hearing the dogs beg. Toe is free, free, free at last. A little swollen and red but all in all not bad. I will NEVER do that again!

I was thinking the closest thing we have to a faucet is one of our bamboo fountain pumps. They are so nice.You can take any water tight container attach the fountain pumps and waaa laaa instant zen.

Did you know, at this time of the year, birds will flock to water faster and more often than seed feeders? Sounds from the water gentle falling into the container will attract birds near and far. We also carry birdbath cleaner that is safe and effective. Next time you are up here come check out our fountains. Don’t worry the birds here are smart. I doubt you will find one of their toes stuck in the pump.

Note: Fountain shown above is one made from a root ball of a tree, rocks from the land, moss, a kiddie pool and a pump. We also have our bamboo fountain pumps, left, running in two of our three water features. We used a lined wooden barrel added rocks and a pump then planted flowers for the butterflies. Get on in here we can’t wait to show you how easy it is to have a little zen in your garden.

Until next time,


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