Fire Forces Evacuations in Sacramento, NM

The Little Lewis Fire, detected around noon today, is burning in difficult terrain just south of the community of Sacramento and has forced evacuation of the Sacramento Methodist Assembly Camp as well as the communities of Sacramento and Weed. An evacuation center has been set up at Cloudcroft High School. Radio traffic estimates the fire at around 100 acres and structures are threatened. To monitor live fire radio traffic online go to

Update 6/28/2011 – 8:00 pm
Incident Name: Little Lewis                                                        Start Date & Time: 6/28 1226
Start Location: 8 miles south of Mayhill                                Cause of Fire: lightning
Area Vegetation: PJ                                                                        Acres Burned: 150 acres
Ownership(s): private and USFS                                                Structures Threatened: 15-30
Structures Burned: 0
Evacuations (Y or N & #): yes – Precautionary only

The villages of Sacramento and Weed have been evacuated as a Precautionary only. There are 15 to 30 homes that are immediately threatened. According to officials at the scene, about 12 families have evacuated. About 250 residences are affected by the evacuation. It’s not known how many are actually occupied as permanent or seasonal residences.

The Sacramento Methodist Camp has been completely evacuated. 150 campers and staff are safe and sound and on their way to the evacuation shelter at Cloudcroft high school. Camp staff will alert families about the situation.

Situation: Crews are agressively fighting the fire. Slurry slowed but has not stopped the spread of the fire. The fire jumped containment lines and 15 – 30 homes are and the Methodist camp are now being evacuated. A shelter is being set up in Cloudcroft’s high school. Four type 2 crews or two type 1 crews have been ordered.

% Contained: 0%

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