Aerial Seeding Completed in Mayhill Fire Area

Mayhill, N.M. (June 17, 2011) The Lincoln National Forest, Sacramento Ranger District is taking action to lessen the impacts of monsoonal rainfall on homes and property downstream from the Mayhill Fire area. All treatments on National Forest lands are planned for completion prior to the onset of monsoon season, predicted for mid-July.

A grass seed mixture formulated for quick germination has been applied to approximately 620 acres on Lincoln National Forest lands by fixed wing aircraft. The seed was applied to lands that received moderate to severe burn intensity at a rate of approximately 25 seeds per square foot.

Around July 1, aerial application of straw mulch will begin on a portion of the seeded area, primarily on slopes where soil, sediment and debris are most likely to erode and affect property downstream. The straw mulch will be applied at a rate of one ton per acre to protect the soil from the rains and encourage seed germination. The combination of grass seed and straw mulch has proven to be very successful in establishing ground cover, stabilizing soil, slowing runoff and reducing erosion in post-fire areas.

Lincoln National Forest is coordinating their efforts with other officials at the federal, state, county and local levels to provide a cooperative response to potential post-fire flooding and runoff issues.

A Forest Closure Order is in effect for all roads and lands within the boundaries of the Lincoln National Forest due to the extreme fire conditions. For more information regarding the Lincoln National Forest, please visit