Trestle Vista Construction Work Begins

Alamogordo, NM (May 25, 2011) – The next phase of the .6 million Mexican Canyon Trestle American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding project has begun just west of Cloudcroft, NM. The project is expected to be completed and open for use by the public in November 2011.
Over the last two years, the beloved Mexican Canyon Trestle has been stabilized with ARRA, the State of New Mexico, the U.S. Forest Service and New Mexico Rails to Trails Association funding.
Crews from Briston Construction began work on the Trestle Vista with plans that include a parking area, viewing platform, benches, and interpretive displays that will provide information and invite visitors to sit down and enjoy the area.
For safety reasons, the speed limit near the construction area on U.S. Highway 82 is reduced to 25 mph, and the two eastbound passing lanes are reduced to one lane. Travel lanes will run adjacent to each other on the northern section of the roadway.
The Mexican Canyon Trestle was built in 1899 by the Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railroad and was used to bring visitors up to Cloudcroft and take logs down the mountain. Abandoned in 1947, the Trestle stood unused and unmaintained for over 60 years until State, Forest Service and New Mexico Rails to Trails funds were combined to start and complete the stabilization work. Recovery Act funds later became available and were used to complete the stabilization efforts. A favorite of locals and visitors alike, the Trestle should now stand for many years to come. With construction of the vista, more people will learn about the history of this area, safely take pictures, and enjoy great views of the Trestle, the forest, and the Tularosa Basin.
The recently completed Osha trailhead parking lot has been relocated north on Highway 82. This move creates more space on the south side of the highway for a safe parking area. However, currently the Lincoln National Forest is under an Emergency Area Fire Closure Order due to the extreme fire danger.
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