Notes from the Bird House – A Beautiful Memory

Today I was planning to go on a bird watching hike and a Geo Caching hunt early morning before work; but this day had other plans for me. You see, not only do I work here at The Bird House, I am also a relief driver for the USPS. You need to be diversified to live in the most beautiful place in the world. This morning had an unexpected event that dictated I throw the mail. My backpack would have to wait for another day.

I love throwing the mail except in winter. I usually sit in the truck in winter and let my partner brave the elements. I hate the cold on my hands, the multi-boxes that refuse to close and the wind that gives me earaches. Today was NOT such a day. Beautiful just does not come close to describing the spring weather we are having now.

The mail route is fairly simple and mundane but the last leg of the route is down 16 Springs. The road into 16 starts out paved and then goes to gravel as it runs through the Lincoln National Forest, then back to paved. Up until today, I never noticed how steep the drop-offs are on that road… SPOOKY. As I was driving along the edge, I started remembering a couple of years ago when we had such heavy snow fall that the roads looked as if they had bumper pads pushed there by the snow plows. I sure felt safer with all that snow padding the sides. The memory of all that snow brought me back to one day in particular.

We were rounding the bend when I saw four large black blobs. The closer we got the more I realized what I was seeing. There were four large, dark brown wild horses standing in the middle of the road. They were pawing the snow to uncover any type of vegetation they could get their lips around. The contrast of their dark bodies against the white snow was so striking. We rolled slowly towards them to get a closer look and to take a picture but, as soon as we got within 200 feet of them, they took off. There is nothing on earth like watching horses in full stride. Their nostrils flaring with winter breathe that showed in clouds of moisture. The power their muscular bodies possessed is nothing short of remarkable. It was a beautiful thing seeing them uninhibited, wild and unruly. I love 16 Springs and discovering the wild horses on a snow-covered back road is one of my most treasured memories.

Today would not provide me with any close encounters of the big animal kind nor any bird activity. I did however, see one of our rural route residents pulled over on the side of the road. I stopped to chit chat. She was so, so sweet and very surprised to see me delivering the mail. I saw another one of the residents out in the field tending their cattle waving as we drove by. I had to give thanks to be living in such an awesome community.

As I was driving out, I got to thinking, how could I write about this day? How could I share one of the most awesome memories of my life and tie it back to The Bird House? Then all of a sudden, something caught my eye….a little squirrel. It made my day. You see I just love LOVE squirrels. My facebook profile picture has been a squirrel in different poses since I opened my wall. One time I put my real picture on there and half of my friends ask who that was. I guess everyone associates me with a squirrel now and that is okay by me. It scampered down the tree then ran like hell across the road tail crocked in the air; it reminded me of a boat’s rudder as it rounded the edge of the road. Then it disappeared. BINGO! my story.

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Until next week,