The Cross Eyed Moose Laundromat Opens

The Cross Eyed Moose Laundromat (The Moose Mat) opened in Cloudcroft on Friday April 1st. It is New Mexico’s highest elevation laundromat, fourth highest in the United States. It includes 10 Whirlpool toploaders, 2 large capacity front loaders perfect for blankets and comforters and 8 large capacity dryers along with a change machine for quarters and a machine for soap and fabric softener. It is also equiped with an exercise bike, free Wi-fi and cable TV. So, come on in and put your clothes on to wash and go over to the Cross Eyed Moose Cafe for a cup of Coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner. The laundry will be open the same hours as the restaurant 7:00a.m. to 7:00p.m. (later this summer) seven days a week.

The Cross Eyed Moose Laundromat is located at the Aspen Motel
1317 James Canyon Highway • Cloudcroft, NM


  1. Comment by Karen:

    I love it! No more running to Alamo just to do wash. Good idea.

  2. Comment by Ellen:

    Congratulations to the folks at Cross Eyed Moose for making this valuable contribution to the village. Less time down the mountain means less money spent away from CC. We need this so much and just in time for summer. The facility sounds wonderful. Thank you!!

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