NM Rails-to-Trails Hiking Maps

NM Rails-to-Trails Association (NMRTA) was organized in 1994 in Cloudcroft, NM, with the goal of converting abandoned railroad lines located in the Sacramento Mountains of Southern New Mexico into multi-use, multi-access recreational trails.  The ultimate goal is to combine such trails with other trails to provide a sixty-eight mile-long loop trail that will lead from Cloudcroft to Sunspot to Oliver Lee Memorial State Park to Alamogordo to La Luz to High Rolls and back to Cloudcroft.
NMRTA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. All directors, officers and work crew are unpaid volunteers. They normally meet on the third Saturday of the month at one of the trailheads and work from 9:00 am to noon improving or adding to the trail system.
In addition to building and maintaining the trails, NMRTA also has an updated website, www.nmrailstotrails.org, with maps, directions and pictures of the trails as well as information about upcoming workdays and how to join NMRTA. Be sure to visit their website and see the wonderful work these dedicated volunteers perform.

Below are PDF files of maps with directions NMRTA has provided for some of the trails that have been completed as well as a membership form. You can contact NMRTA at nmrta@tularosa.net if you would like to leave feedback on a section of trail you’ve hiked or for information on workdays.
High Rolls Area Trails
Switchback Rail Trail
Mexican Canyon Trestle Trail
Membership Form

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