Notes From the Bird House – “I need hiking boots for this…”

The last ten months have been particularly hard on me and the people I love. It feels like it has been one devastating ordeal after another. If it were not for my friends here in Cloudcroft and my family, I am not sure I would have made it.

One of those friends suggested we take a break. Get all the girls and take a mini vacation. We needed to go somewhere close to home with beautiful scenery. And I have heard there is nothing like a vacation in your own back yard or in this case your own state. My three dearest friends and a recently new friend decided to spend some time bonding in a huge condo in Ruidoso, NM.

Oh my goodness! To say we all had the time of our life would be an understatement. We watched chick flicks, played games, soaked our bones in the HOTTEST hot tub in the world, went dancing and Geo Caching. We were so busy with all that stuff we did not even get to shop until we were heading back home and then we only stopped at one store. Can you believe, five women and three days of non-stop shopping right in front of us and we decide instead to spend it together bonding. By-the-way this trip was supposed to be a birthday celebration for my dearest friend but they turned it around and made it a “you need to be happy again” weekend for me. There is no place on earth like our community, the wonderful people that live here and my beautiful loving friends.

I am an avid Geo Cache hunter. All my friends know I do it but they had never tried it nor did they know what it was. I took this together time to introduce them and now they are HOOKED too. Geo Caching is like a treasure hunt. You go to the website type in the zip code you want to hunt in and it pulls up different locations of hidden treasures or small boxes to record your hunt. If you find a regular size box, it will have several things in it to select from. If you take something, you must put something back in. If you find a micro container, you take out the log and sign it then replace for the next hunter. This is an awesome way to get out and explore nature. It can take you on a hike way back in the mountains or just a short drive in town. It can take you to places you might not have even known existed. It stimulates your brain cells and along the way reveals the beauty of our earth. You can do a little bird watching along the way and meet up with different critters and other Geo Cache hunters. Some hides are so clever it seems to reveal a little bit of personally of the hider.

All you need to do for Geo Caching is to pull up the website, register, put in a zip code, get a GPS, grab your backpack and go. Don’t forget to put your camera and binoculars in your bag. Binoculars not only make bird watching easier on your quest and you may even need them to find the cache. If you need binoculars, stop by The Birdhouse and pick up a pair. I would love to hear where you have been or where you are going. Hey while you are here, check out all the new Merchandise we just received.

Until next week,
Ruth Lane
After all that hunting one of my friends said, “I need hiking boots for all this……”

And I am happy to report my happy is back!

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