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REAL MEN MAKE CUPCAKES – by Carl and Jo Ann Hauser
I first met Ed Jellum in 2002
A nice man, his wife Marcy, and a dog or two
I hadn’t retired yet; we were barely acquainted
I didn’t really know quite what to expect

2005 did finally arrive
Cloudcroft forever was our battle cry
Blizzards, ice storms, and rain; quite a mess
Coming from Kansas was quite a great test
We were tired, exhausted, and ready to rest

My plans for retirement were really quite simple
I’d get up at ten, and stay up ‘til two
However, my dog, she was not very weary
Up at dawn, when my eyes were still bleary

The phone started ringing; it must be a friend
It was Ed, our new neighbor, on the other end
He didn’t mess around, he got right to the point
“Meet me at seven; there’s work to be done”
Is this a wrong number; it surely must be
“Seriously, Dude, who are you again?”

Our water system was old, and needed repair
“We’ll fix it; we’ll fix it,” he’d say with a grin
From water tanks, electrical, plumbing and pipes
He fixed them all, except for at night

Over the years we did many projects
One after another, I asked for Ed’s help
One job was just a little more trying
It tested our friendship to the hilt

My job was quite easy; just pulling some nails
I was moving right along, and doing quite well
I came to a nail, that would give no quarter
And I pulled and I yanked to no avail

The next thing I knew Ed’s hammer went flying
It had snapped in two from all of my prying
Ed peered ‘round the corner, and asked, “What did you do?”
“I broke your old hammer; was it important to you?”
“Only a little; ‘twas my father’s,” he said

Restrained and in control, Ed gave me another
A few moments later, while tugging again
Ed’s hammer went flying all over again
He looked around the corner with shock and dismay
“Was this one important? Oh, your grandfather’s you say?”
His face said, “You idiot!” all purple and red
But his words were much nicer; he said, “Lunch time,” instead
“God bless you,” came later when calm and refrained
“Seriously, Dude, who are you again?”

Real men are special and difficult to find
Real men; who are they and what do they do?
Real men make cupcakes with the wife that they love
Real men fix faucets and sinks for their friends
Real men don’t retire, but they probably snore
Real men can be Veterans of foreign wars
They help needy families and give to the poor
They’re at church on Sunday with all of their friends
Jesus greets real men, when they’ve come to the end

“Seriously, Dude, who are you again?”
Ed Jellum – Real Man – that’s who he is
We’ll all miss you greatly; we’ll see you again

Ed Jellum, super senior volunteer, and our good friend, passed away on April 5th. We miss him.

Old Mothers’ Day is just around the corner. We have another test for you on what to say to your wives on Mothers’ Day. 1) You could quote scripture: Proverbs 25, verse 24 “It’s better to dwell in a corner of a housetop, than in a house shared with a contentious woman.” . . . or you could say, “Yes, Dear.” 2) “A woman’s place is in the home” . . . or you could say, “Whatever you want, Dear.” 3) “Massage and breakfast in bed” . . . or “A slap on the rear.” 4) “Steak and lobster for you” . . . or “McDonald’s for two.” Men, if you failed this test, we do offer sensitivity classes. The girls at the Senior Center have volunteered to retrain you with a two-by-four!
Call Kathy or Marrianne at 682-3022 for weekday lunch reservations, van transportation, Angel Food Ministries orders, signing up for Roadrunner Food Bank (delivered the first Wednesday of the month at 2:00), exercising on Tuesday and Friday mornings at 10:00, dance lessons on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month after lunch, Farkle on Fridays after lunch. And join us for friendly bridge Thursdays after lunch. Seriously, follow me to the Senior Center for a great time with great friends!

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  1. Comment by Coramae:

    I am so impressed with the ‘Follow Me To The Senior Center’ stories! They make me want to come – alas, I live in Michigan – so when I visit my sister JoAnn and Her wonderful husband Carl Hauser, I’ll be visiting the Senior Center. Wonderful story on Ed Jellum. He sounds like a truly great man. Cora Mare Lengeman

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