Welcome Back!

Howdy, friends! I must say, it’s good to be back in Cloudcroft. Although I never lived here, this little village feels like home. I was introduced to Cloudcroft in 2008 when I worked at the Lodge as a massage therapist. After nearly 3 years, I moved last summer to Colorado Springs, but I only stayed for 6 months before I decided to move back to New Mexico.
This new adventure makes me feel like a character in Janet Evanovich’s book, “Manhunt.” The main character of the story, Alexandra Scott, abandoned her Wall Street job and lavish Manhattan apartment to start over in a cabin in the Alaskan wilderness. In a place where men outnumber women 4 to 1, Alex was sure she would be able to find a husband. However, as she pursues her mission to find a man, Alex finds many challenges to living in the wilderness and each challenge she encounters adds to the hilarity of the book.
I should clarify that I do not relate to the character because of her desire to find a man—sorry, guys, not interested! But I do relate to it because I am a city girl by heart and I wonder what changes in my lifestyle will catch me by surprise. Unlike Alex, I have indoor plumbing, so there is no risk of me blowing up an outhouse. Also, living in the high desert, I don’t imagine it is likely I will accidentally bring a man to near drowning in a bay after breaking his nose.
In a village where there is no pizza delivery or Chinese take-out, I am learning how to cook (but I will keep the fire extinguishers ready to prevent fires and explosions.) Also, while I am within walking distance of my workplace at the Spirit of the Mountain Spa at the Lodge, it’s an uphill climb and I am not yet used to the altitude. So, I recognize I need to get in better shape and get acclimated to the thinner air. But I look forward to these changes and the others I cannot yet anticipate. I also look forward to getting to know the locals as well as building a private massage therapy practice. I hope to see you around town soon.–Robin

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