Notes From The Bird House – Waterfall??

One summer we were promised a meteor shower by a newscaster in Abq. A meteor shower in itself is not uncommon to see up here in the mountains. What made this time different was my daughter’s cousin was visiting for the summer. Living in a big city he had never seen anything other than the moon and a couple of stars in the sky. I was hoping this could be an experience that he would carry with him long into his adulthood.
We waited until late in the evening then went to the backyard to watch the show, however, living in the Lincoln National Forest has a way of limiting your view of the sky. So, we took a couple of throw blankets and headed toward the highway to find a better spot. We found that space at the end of our subdivision. We parked and rolled down the windows. Out the windows the kids popped on to the roof and hood. Apparently, it was a new moon because there was NO moon light anywhere. To say it was dark, would be an understatement. On occasion a car would come by and we could get our bearings as to where we were and what was around us.

As we settle down, it got quiet, eerily quiet. A car passed and we noticed a few flying creatures. We determined it had to be bats. We sat there waiting on the show and thinking about the bats. It was not long before we all three found reasons to sit in the car until we could see the meteors. eeeekk.

Shortly there after, the show began. It was not the best one I had ever seen but it was awesome for the kids. I would hear lots of ooohhs and aaaahhs. In between the showers, it would become quiet again and the thought of the bats would return. In the dark you could hear the rearranging of bodies. Our finale viewing spot was the door windows half in half out…you know just in case .

We were sitting there waiting on the next shooting star and I was thinking what a great night it was turning out to be. Soon I heard daughter’s cousin saying he hears a waterfall. I think WHAT? We have no running water much less a waterfall anywhere around here. All of us listened with great intent. My daughter and I are racking our brains to remember where there is water in our neighborhood. There is no mistaking the sound of running water and we all heard falling water. We listened for a bit then it hits me. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!. I could not stop laughing long enough to tell them what it was. Finally a car comes by and I show them what was making the noise. That waterfall…. was the horse across the highway with bladder issues which went on and on and on. We all started laughing uncontrollably. Finally someone said lets go home I got to make a waterfall.

If you love bats and want to encourage them to eat the insects in your backyard, come on in to the Bird House. We carry Bat House kits that are perfect for a day of fun with that youngen in your life. Bats like to be 80 to 100 degrees in July when they have their young with them. The bat house should be placed in the sun and around 12 to 15 feet off the ground to prevent predators from getting them.

Oh and that memory I was hoping to make was not exactly what I was hoping for, but it has been forever etched in all of our minds. Tee Hee. It was one of the best nights ever.

Until next week

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