Notes From The Bird House – “How you doin’?”

This week I want to tell you about a little Nuthatch. He hangs out with the Pine Siskins most of the time. He has a few other buddies that follow him around too. It seems he is a MASTER at finding food and the others must think he is a Grand Wizard for he can find food anywhere. In reality, he hides seed in the cracks and crevices of the tree bark. Surprisingly, Nuthatches are able to remember where they have hidden seed for up to 30 days. Therefore, he has food when the going get tough and so do his buddies. Waaa laa, instant fame among the birds for the Nuthatch.

Not only are Nuthatches smart, they are one of the friendliest birds around. They are as bold as chickadees, but without the attitude and often fly right up to a feeder even as it’s being loaded with seeds or peanut butter. I know this from experience. During the winter we close at 4:00 and I bring in the feeders. This particular day there were tons of birds everywhere getting that last morsel of seed before I left. I walked out and the birds scattered. I pulled down all the feeders at once. (A skill I have perfected over the months, HA) As I got to the door, I arranged the feeders to be hung inside until the next morning. When I hung the last one, I came eye to eye with a little Nuthatch still eating his dinner! Talk about surprised, I was very surprised he seemed to be saying “How you doin’?”. If I made any sudden movements he would leave his perch and be trapped in the store.

I have found that once a bird gets inside the store it can take up to two or three hours to get it out. I wanted to go home not chase a bird all night long. So I slowly turned around and walked back out. As I walked out I looked at the little bird. It was just too endearing ; his bravery and his ultimate cuteness was off the chart. We get to the outside porch and he would not leave. I shook the feeder…nothing.
Finally, I tried to pick him up. He was having none of that. Away he went to the feeding tree and watched as I went back inside.

When, I left for the day, I noticed him and his buddies scaling the tree to pull seed out of the bark. The Juncos were on the ground waiting for anything to fall. The Woodpecker was watching with intense curiosity. Yep, he was their Grand Wizard and now my little friend.

We keep chairs on the porch for our human visitors to stop in and do a little bird watching. Make sure when you are in Cloudcroft to stop over and bring your camera. You are sure to be entertained. While here come on in and pick up a little seed and a feeder so you can start your own bird sanctuary

Can’t wait to see you,
Store Manager