Notes from the Bird House – Where have you been….?

Where have you been….?

We at The Bird House are on winter hours Friday – Monday 10:00 to 4:00 closed Tuesday – Thursday. Our wild Pine Siskins plan on their breakfast, lunch and dinner to be on the tree and on time everyday.
One Friday I was trying to get everything ready to open the doors. We like to put items outside so you can get a better look at the quality of our merchandise. In and out I went for about 25 minutes. I finally sat down at the computer and clocked in. Whew, I was ready for the day to begin. It was not long before I felt as if I were being watched. I looked out the window….nothing. A few minutes later I got that strange feeling again. I looked out again but this time I heard tweeting. I looked up at the hanging hooks and there were about 20 little finches hanging upside down, hanging side ways and doing a leaning hang towards the window staring AT ME. They looked as if to say, “Where have you been for three days?” They were so cute but after a few minutes of me ooooing and aaahhhing I began to feel like I was in a scene of The Birds. At that moment, I realized what I had forgotten to do in my hurry to get the morning started. I forgot the feeders and they had no problem letting me know it. When I saw them the first time, I thought their little eyes were so tiny smiling and precious; however, on closer inspection I swear I thought I saw a little glimpse of pointed teeth and a psychotic frenzied physical assault coming on…… which was directed at me! I quickly grab all the feeders fill them up and placed them in the tree. Within three minutes all the little terrors were happily munching on our Sacramento Mountain Finch Food.

Now, any one that knows a Pine Siskin, knows they do not have teeth nor do they have a sinister look to scare the bajeebies out of people.
They are, however, some of the cutest birds around. If you come to The Bird House, winter or summer, spring or fall you will be able to find them dining at their favorite feeder right in front of our store. The Bird House is Located at 203 James Canyon Hwy 82. Come join us for an afternoon of bird watching.

See you soon,
Store Manager

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