Follow Me To The Senior Center

By Carl and Jo Ann Hauser
This month we thought we would honor one of our finest Senior Ladies: BJ McNeil. She is no doubt the premiere fund-raiser in Cloudcroft. She has the determination of General Patton, the presence of John Wayne, and the compassion of Mother Theresa. Standing four foot eleven, and weighing 100 pounds (give or take 50), she has been known to block the door of the Senior Center with cane raised in one hand, and an offering bucket in the other, yelling, “Nobody leaves ‘til they put something in!” Whether she is raising money for orphans in Mexico, a needy family in Cloudcroft, or a project for the Methodist Church, she gets the job done!

Doc and BJ McNeil

Because of her remarkable ability at tact and diplomacy, other churches may have taken notice. The Methodists may now be considering offering BJ out for hire. The price is going to be three first-round draft picks (three pious parishioners), a stack of Bibles, and a piano. However, because every once in a great while she’s been known to have a glass of wine or two, they may have to lower the price to three third-round draft picks (three occasionally pious parishioners), half a dozen hymnals, and a microwave.

BJ has many other projects and skills. She and her husband Doc have been taking care of the library at the Methodist Church. BJ files the books away, while Doc follows along behind her, refilling! BJ is also an expert bridge player. However, men, if you decide to sit down and play at her table, you had better be wearing the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, and a sports-cup to protect your family jewels!

This month our contest is going to be things BJ may or may not have actually done. Pick any, all or none of the following: 1. Taught Betsy Ross how to sew; 2. Suggested to Davey Crockett a vacation at the Alamo; 3.Told Custard to take a stand; 4. Helped Sargent York capture 132 German soldiers; 5. Advised Herbert Hoover not to worry; the stock market would snap back; 6. Bought Nixon his first tape recorder; 7. Defined for Clinton what is “is;” 8. Told Barack Obama the tea party was just a fad, however, he is no longer taking her calls.

So come on down to the Senior Center, if you dare. Meet one of the really old housewives of Otero County and one of Cloudcroft’s town characters: BJ McNeil, wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, nurse, librarian, and fund raiser. Don’t be intimidated by her, she really is just a soft, cuddly kitten. BJ can’t hear or see too well anymore, so as long as no one reads this article to her really loud, we’ll be back next month! We love you, BJ!

Have you ridden the Senior Center van to Alamogordo on Mondays for shopping and lunch out yet? Would you be interested in bridge lessons on Tuesdays after a delicious lunch? Thursdays before lunch you may have your vitals taken for free, and after lunch enjoy a few hours of bridge ~ all are welcome! Forget not Fitness Fridays at 10:00 with Gail McCoy, and a fun game of Farkle after lunch! For those families in need, who have signed up, Roadrunner Food Bank is the first Wednesday of every month, available for pick up at 2:00. Angel Food Ministry food boxes are available for ordering monthly. For information, reservations, or signing up for any of the above mentioned activities, along with reservations for lunch, call the good time girls, Kathy or Marrianne, at 682-3022. They know all the answers! Come on – follow me to the Senior Center! I’ll be there at 11:30 for a great lunch!
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  1. Comment by Ruth Lane:

    I feel as if I already know BJ. Thank you for a wonderful story. I so enjoy reading about all the happenings at the Senior Center.

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